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Apple Watch

Updated on April 26, 2015

The Apple Watch is the latest product from the flagship Apple Brand, and it is the first eyecatching product since Tim Cook controlled the company. This is an awesome combination of super-iPod on your wrists. It is a great fitness device, and it ensures you have all the features to maintain your healthy schedule.

There are several manufacturers, who have tried to bring all the features in the wrist. However, none of them have attained massive success. The majority of people around the world are still unsure, that they need all these features.


The Apple watches are available in two different sizes, and three different models. Additionally, the model is available in six different finishes, and available in the price range from $350 to $17,000. Apple products have dominated the global market for several years, and at present they are trying to expand their business in jewelry. The primary motive of this product is to make sure that the user doesn’t have to look on their smartphone very often. This is a perfect replacement of the phone sometimes. When I wore this gadget for a week, I tried to use most of the features. I checked my heart rate, listened to songs, tracked emails, stay updated, connected most of my devices, and checked my games. The watch would take you to the new world, and it is definitely a try if you can afford it. However, battery life is short, and not many reviews have posted online.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch
Apple Watch | Source

What it can do

Initially, I have to mention that Apple Watch is not a standalone device. You need to have iPhone 5 or later to use this gadget. There are some functions, which you can do without the iPhone while some are totally dependent. The primary functions are communications, fitness, information, and time. However, there are several features and apps embedded in this gadget. You can receive messages from your well-wishers, send texts to your loved one, make calls, and the best part is that you can send your heartbeat as a long distance hug. You can use this gadget to listen to music via Bluetooth headphones. Additionally, you can listen to songs, and run apps like mini iPhone. The device has an interface, which you won’t have seen anywhere. However, the above features will work only if you have an iPhone connected. The device has to be connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This will show you the time too.


Every apple watches have the S1 processor and a bright OLED display. Additionally, it is embedded with the accelerometer, pyrometer, and heart rate monitor. However, the device is lacking onboard GPS. This device works on Bluetooth 4.0, and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi to connect to your iPhone. Lastly, the Apple Watch is beatifically constructed, packed with the super features gadget. There are several apps, and many of them will continue to be added. However, the battery is a problem, and the recharge is very slow.

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