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Apple iPhone 5 Cases

Updated on March 21, 2011

The Apple iPhone 5 promises to be the most anticipated and exciting electronic gadget to be released this year. With an ever expanding legion of iPhone fans worldwide, the iPhone 5 is guaranteed to attract at least the same levels of excitement at launch as the current iPhone 4. This excitement and anticipation isn’t without reason – Apple has continually surprised and delighted its fans with each successive iteration of the iPhone, and with the internet rumour mill suggesting dual processors and faster speeds the iPhone 5 is sure to please the punters.

So once you have your sticky fingers on this latest example of Apple wizardry, the first thing you need to do is ensure it retains its lustre so you can show it off to the world. This means selecting one of the many iPhone 5 cases that will surely flood the market.

As with previous iPhone models, the Apple iPhone 5 will be a device that will be used continuously (and often obsessively..) by its owners. This means it will be subjected to a barrage of day-to-day impacts and wear, and if not protected your shiny new iPhone 5 will soon be looking worse for wear.

An iPhone 5 case can effectively prevent this wear and tear with a range of case designs protecting your device against impact, shock, scratches and scuffs.

As with the iPhone 4, there will be a large number of companies specializing in iPhone 5 accessories, however it is likely that the current market leaders will offer up the best examples of iPhone 5 cases. Each of the iPhone 5 cases on the market will offer something slightly different and finding the best for your iPhone depends on your own needs, style and tastes.

Based on the best selling and best-rated cases for the iPhone 4, here are the probable market leading iPhone 5 cases:

iPhone 5 Bumper Cases

An iPhone 5 Bumper Case is made of rubber and fits snugly around the outer edge of your iPhone 5. This protects well against knocks and impacts to the edge of your phone, and it also means that when your iPhone 5 is sitting on a surface, the facing surface is slightly elevated so it doesn’t scratch. iPhone 5 Bumper Cases don’t however provide any protection from impact directly to the face or back of the device. Also, an iPhone 5 bumper case can also make it difficult to fit your iPhone into a charging dock.

Belkin Shield Micra iPhone 5 Case

This type of case was very popular for the iPhone 4 so there is every possibility that Belkin will make an iPhone 5 case as well. This case is flexible, thin and lightweight, and provides a high degree of protection.

Griffin Motif iPhone 5 Cases

Another best seller with the iPhone 4, this case is durable, flexible is highly resistant to scratches and scrapes. The material this iPhone 5 case is made from is softer than polycarbonate iPhone 5 cases, but firmer than silicone cases.

Griffin Reveal Etch iPhone 5 Case

A very successful case for the iPhone 4, this iPhone 5 case will have a semi-soft rubber surround coupled with a hard back. This iPhone 5 case will likely be inexpensive, and available in a range of styles. 

Speck Fitted iPhone 5 Case

This case has a material backing and soft-touch two-piece rubber sides which will allow very easy removal of your iPhone 5. This was a very popular case with iPhone 4 users.

The new iPhone 5!


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