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Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation

Updated on May 13, 2014

There is no doubt that Apple is the King when it comes to touchscreen technology and their research is years ahead of the competition. The sixth generation iPod Nano now shares the same slick “Multi-Touch” interface as the iPhone, iPod Touch, and of course the iPad tablet. The new design of iPod Nano is so drastic that you cannot tell it came from the old generation iPod Nano. It’s like a new product on its own that took the name of the iPod Nano. In fact, if you are not familiar with the previous generations of iPod Nano you might think it’s the new generation iPod Shuffle.

iPod Nano
iPod Nano | Source

The 6th generation iPod Nano ditched the physical controls like the click wheel for the touchscreen. It’s an all touch music device now. A lot of people may find this convenient especially if you are used to other Apple devices like iPod Touch and iPhone. The screen is much smaller (1.54 inch diagonal) now compared to the previous generation (2.2 inch diagonal). A small screen will not be suitable for watching video so the video playback capability is gone. No video playback capability means that the built-in small video camera added in previous generation iPod Nano is no longer needed so it’s gone as well. Is it a deal breaker for the iPod Nano fans out there? Maybe not. Being able to shoot video or playback video on Ipod Nano is a great feature but come to think of it, how many times have you used it? The video camera is also not high resolution so the quality of videos you shoot might not be that good. Also, the storage is now exclusively for music so that frees up a lot of space. So I think it’s a good decision to ditch these features.

The new iPod Nano is now smaller which is a great advantage especially for people who love working out with a Nano. You no longer need an armband while working out or jogging. Simply clip the iPod Nano to your pocket and you’re good to go. The FM radio and the Fitness tracking program is retained so you can still use them.

The 6th generation iPod Nano comes in six different colors in an 8GB or 16GB storage capacity. In spite of the drastic change, the new iPod Nano is still a great music player.


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