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Apple's iPad 3g Guide

Updated on May 4, 2010

The iPad Lock Screen

Apple's most recent success is their new tablet based platform the iPad.  The iPad is very similar to the iPhone and iPod Touch that so many individuals have purchased over the past few years, but it is significantly larger and packs a more powerful processor and better battery life. 

The processor is so unique that Apple designed it specifically for the device.  Named the A4, the chip offers 1ghz of processing speed with significantly low power usage.  This combination creates for an excellent user experience that isn't tied to a wall outlet. 

The iPad comes in two models, a WiFi version and a 3G version.  The 3G version allows users to access the internet from anywhere they can access an At&t signal while iPad owners with just WiFi connections will need to be connected to a home network or a WiFi hotspot.  the iPad 3G recently made it to stores and is selling as successfully as the originally sold WiFi version of the iPad. 

The Operating System for the iPad is the same as the iPhone with a few different features.  Of course the device does not include the ability to make calls over a cellular network, but one can use VOIP services like those provided by SKYPE to connect to friends and family.  One of the many advantages the iPad has over other tablet computers is that the iPad will run all of the thousands of apps that were originally developed for the iPhone. 

iPhone apps are readily available but that hasn't stopped developers from building apps natively for the iPad.  With a larger screen, faster processor, and better graphics capabilities the improved iPad functions offers a unique experience for end users that are taking advantage of iPad designed apps. 

It is important to keep your iPad protected as much as possible.  Apple devices retain a significant portion of their original value, especially when treated carefully and kept in good condition.  there are a number of iPad Covers available for individuals to pick and choose from to help them keep their iPads safe. 

One of the best features of the iPad is its ability to play videos that are kept in iTunes.  I recently finished watching an entire feature film on my iPad and when I was finished I found myself astonished at the battery level.  It was still at 92% full after almost 2 hours of video watching.  Additionally, the video picture was outstanding, sound was good and the overall experience was very enjoyable.  

With great games, apps, and almost perfect video, the iPad will quickly replace the Nintendo DS and other entertainment devices in my home for my children.  They love the books that are available on the device and can't get enough of it.  

Overall, it looks like Apple has another winner on their hands.  The iPad is a true accomplishment and I look forward to future releases of the product that Apple will develop for us.  Its only draw back at this point is the lack of capability to run multiple applications at once, but Apple is quickly resolving that with a new iPhone OS 4.0 being released in the fall for the iPhone and iPad. 

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