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Applications of 3-D printing technology in the modern world

Updated on September 14, 2015

A 3-D printer


Drugs can be manufactured through 3-D printing


Medicine and surgery

Drugs are being developed through this modern technology. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) of USA has approved Spritam, a drug generated through 3-D printing used to treat Epilepsy.
Human body parts like bones, kidneys can been generated through this technology.These artificial organs and tissues will solve a problem that has lasted for generations of lack of organ donors.This has become a major relief to people whose body parts have been destroyed through accidents or due to life threatening illnesses like cancer.
Medical equipment like CT scanners, X-Ray machines among others can be manufactured through the 3-D technology.

Automobile industry

Various parts of vehicles can be manufactured using 3- D printing technology. 3-D printers lay several layers of the material leading to generation of an exact replica of a model. It has been found that, material generated through this technology are actually lighter hence ensuring energy efficiency.Energy inefficiency means reduced pollution rates hence better life.Vehicle parts manufactured through this technology are also cheaper and also highly compatible due to the high level of manufacturing compatibility.

Engine of an automobile



The technology has been applied in the creation of movie characters and also entertainment equipment. This generation method is time efficient and the quality is excellent.

Construction industry will greatly benefit from 3-D printing technology


Construction industry

3-D printing technology translates models of building parts into actual objects. Construction model parts are being generated through this modern technology which is quick and efficient.This is drastically loiwering the costs associated with construction.

The manufacture of sophisticated military equipment through 3-D printing technology is now possible

 A Dazzler mounted on a M240B machine gun
A Dazzler mounted on a M240B machine gun | Source

Military field

The manufacture of cheaper,lighter and more efficient military equipment and vehicles is now possible through the 3-D printing technology.

Countries have been competing on the manufacture of sophisticated military equipment.

The technology has been applied in the manufacture of fire arms.This has both a positive and negative impact on peace and stability in the world depending on the hands that have access to the manufactured weapons.The technology is also improving the safety of vehicles.This is according to experts in this field.

If applied optimumly and positively,3-D printing technology has the ability to propel the world to a higher level in terms of cost and efficiency.


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    • profile image

      Andy Marin 

      3 years ago

      The material and process advancements in 3D printing have been astonishing. For example, 3D printed prototypes that were once limited in their functions, can now be used more like production parts. Thus allowing once to stream line their product development process.


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