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Best time killing apps that spice up your boring times.

Updated on June 30, 2016

With these apps, there will be no more boring moments in your life!!

Ever wondered a simple app can make your time fly away without even your notice. Even a simple app can spice up your life which changes your ideal time into something funny and entertaining. Usually we opt to peep into our phones when we got nothing much to do with the outside world. Some social-butterflies may make use of that time by logging into some social networking platforms. But what about others who are dis-interested in social networking platforms?. How must they get past through that ideal time of theirs? Well, no worries. This hub lets you know some of the cool apps and websites available which adds the vital element of joy into your lives by their ultra funny memes, gifs, pictures, videos etc. All the mentioned apps in the list are applauded all over for their sheer fun giving content which they provide to their users.

  1. 9GAG : Forever alone no more! 9GAG has the best funny pics, GIFs, videos, memes, cute, wtf, geeky, cosplay photos you can get on your iPhone and iPad. 9GAG is the leading social entertainment platform for humor content with over 80 million monthly visitors. Share anything you find interesting, get real responses from people all over the world, and discover what makes you laugh! • Feature the best collection of funny, awesome, wtf, omg, fail, cute, geeky, cosplay photos, GIFs, memes, rage comics and viral videos • Entertain you when you get bored, 9GAG is the best way to kill time! • Thousands of funny pics added by our users everyday • Vote on Trending and Fresh page to determine what'll be Hot on the internet next day • Join discussions with the community and make friends from all over the world • Download the funny pics from 9GAG and share the awesomeness to your friends • Happiness is only real when shared!!! 9GAG has more than 10 categories of awesome pictures in one app. In this app, you will find: GIF, WTF, Geeky, Meme, Cute, Comic, Cosplay, Food, Girl If you like browsing Fails stuff, Rage Comics…etc. or any other type of funny pics and videos, i guarantee you would fall in love with 9GAG!
  2. reddit : Even reddit has its own reasons to be named one of the best fun- to-be found apps available right now. Thanks to its gigantic community, reddit is likely the undisputed king of humor on the Internet. It posts some of the best subreddits for hilarious photos, gifs, memes, and other kinds of hahas. Its huge app using community made the app the best place to kill some time. Reddit is known all over for its crazy pics they get uploaded from time to time.All content on Reddit is user-generated, so you can join the funny too if you log into your reddit account. Be sure to follow the rules of each subreddit since they are each independently moderated and have different guidelines.
  3. Bored panda: The name says us half the story.

    In it's own words, the "leading art, design, and photography community for creative people."

    This site is similar to Buzzfeed, featuring lists of the interesting, wacky, and hilarious that are often image-based. The lists and articles are user generated and many take submissions of the community's hilarity.

    Besides humor, the site also features other topics like travel, photography, illustration, and food art.

    Fortunately, there's even a app for this site.

  4. Funny Or Die : Surely the app is as funny as the name it holds. The app available on the platform of ios have so much to offer for its ideal users the fare share of fun they expects from its pics, gifs, videos etc. The video content it delivers can be considered its biggest asset.
  5. theChieve : If you didn't get the name, don't worry. You will surely get the epicness the app holds within itself once you get it installed on your mobile. App provides the categories of Advertising, Animals, Architecture, Art, Auto, Awesome, Beautiful, Creepy, Design, Fail, Food, Gaming, Funny, Gifs, Girls, Kids, Travel, Video etc. It is a humor site that posts pictures, stories, videos, and more. The Android app is fairly solid and contains a lot of humorous things. A recent update now allows people to submit more funny stuff to be used by the site as well as a navigation menu to quickly get to categories, top rated, favorites, and other parts of the site. The interface is clean and minimal which makes finding funny stuff even easier. It’s a solid app with some funny stuff in it. Each category takes the user into the different world of entertainment. The main advantage is that the user can choose between the various categories and can see the stuff only what he desires to see.
  6. iFunny : iFunny is regarded as the best in the list next to 9gag. All it provided is the pics and videos with ultra-simple interface and all the user has to do is just swipe for the content. Its easy interface made ifunny one of the best among its competition.his website crushes it with video content especially, and you can often see some of the biggest stars in Funny or Die exclusives.
  7. Vine : Vine is another similar app where one can find many time killing pictures and videos which does nothing but changes your dull mood into a crazy one.What Exactly Is Vine?
Vine is a video sharing app. But it’s not just any video-sharing app. It’s designed in a way for you to film short, separate instances so they can be linked together for a total of six seconds. Each short video plays in a continuous loop, and are viewable directly in Twitter’s timeline or embedded into a web page.

8. Rage comics : Rage Comics is the best way to read your favorite comics in your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, because we took away the most painful part of it: zooming and dragging! We really hate reading comics with other apps, because we have to zoom in, drag the comic and then zoom out again a lot of times. With Rage Comics, all of that is gone! How can we do that? Using advanced computer vision techniques, Rage Comics identifies each panel in the comic and shows them individually, one at a time. Give it a try, you'll realize this is absolutely the best way to read about the most hilarious comic with a touch of fun.
9. imgur : This is simply one of the best website regarding the viral content. User can simply register and upload image that would be viewed by thousands of users across the globe. You can create your account with Twitter facebook all Gmail. imgur never disappoints its fans with the content the app gets updated every hour.

10. Pinterest : Pinterest's way of delivering the fun is totally different compared to others. Basically you can find the pics of each and every genre one ever wants in the pinterest. It even enables the users to pin the content which they desire to see whenever they want. Pinterest certainly maintains its own mark in delivering the rich and accurate content the user expects from it.Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. Use Pinterest to make meals, plan travel, do home improvement projects and more. With Pinterest you can: • Plan a project: Home remodels, garden redesigns and other DIYs • Get creative ideas: Recipes to cook, articles to read, gifts to buy and ways to save money • Explore a hobby: From comic art and camping, to woodworking and weaving • Save travel inspiration: Outdoor adventures, family fun, road trips and more • Find your style: Fashion, home decor, grooming tips and beauty inspiration • Pin from your mobile browser: Save good things you find around the web.

10. Damnlol : Last but never the least Damnlol holds the place in the list which must be installed for its content of ultra funny images and Fail-compilation.Search for Damn Lol Lite if you can't go a day without your daily dose. Fast, Fun, and Free! This great app gives you access to all the crazy pictures that can be found on Damn! LOL, which range from Autocorrects to Demotivationals and Photoshop Fails to Photobombs. There will definitely be pics to keep you and your friends laughing for hours! The app also includes all the great features you know and love from as well as many new ones including the much requested search, favorites and even categories!

Most of the apps mentioned are available in both the platforms of ios and android and are always ready to entertain you with all the content they have. There are even some nice humor promoting websites like Cracked, Break, eBaumsWorld, cheezeburger, Collegehumor, Funnyjack, Smosh, Fark which makes your time worth spending on them.

You can also check out some best time killing channels on youtube like Buzzfeedvideo, prankvsprank, the annoying orange whose links are kept below.

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