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Are All These Daily Deals On The Internet Legitimate?

Updated on January 13, 2011

Are They Real?

There are a LOT of sites appearing all over the Internet. All these deal of the day and daily deals that they advertise. Are they real? Well in most cases, YES! Especially if they have local deals. This is a new wave of advertising for local businesses to get exposure to the growing number of internet users. It's let getting a commercial for TV, but translated to an Internet advertisement campaign. Which is getting the customers involved. You should always make sure you've done your research on the website first. Make sure you know it is legit. But in most cases, you will have a legit site that you can buy a voucher from.

Packages vouchers are the deal that you purchased on paper. It has an expiry date, so use it as soon as you can. Sometimes some websites limit how much deals they give out (because they are real and some businesses could loose money with they put out unlimited coupons) and a time limit. So sometimes you have to be right on the ball with some websites. Always try and find a local business, as major businesses are now starting to advertise this way as well.

So yes! If you see a deal of the day you are interested in, check it out. It won't hurt to see more information. And in most cases, you will find one of the good deal sites. I got a 200 microdermabrasion package for 45 dollars. And a whole LOT of bread (50 dollars worth) for 10 dollars. Some deals are really worth it. I don't know why some sites do the things they do because I have heard my friends talk about them saying they they look so fake. Maybe its the timer that shows up under some deals, or the testimonials (which are actually usually comments, and not copy and pasted testimonials). It's true, so of the sites may look a little weird, but thats because they go through so many deals all the time. Some deals have a limit to how much they can be sold and that is why there is a timer. But always remember to make sure you did you research on the site you purchase anything.

How Does This Work?

It's a pretty simple advertising system.  A local business, or major sometimes, will create a deal. Usually they are really good ones you won't get anywhere else.  These exclusive deals are what drive traffic to these websites.  Once they have it up, it is advertised as a deal of the day.  Or a daily deal.  Because that exactly what it is.  Like a sale for a store on that one day. But you can get a hold on the sale.  You can buy the voucher for the deal package, and you will usually have up to a year to use it.  You can even give it as a gift to a friend.  You can't sell the deal though, that would defeat the purpose of getting the deal, but you save a LOT of money in a lot of cases.

Because some deals are really made with he customer in mind and not the business (that's why they are such attractive deals) many business could lose money if they continued the deals for more that day. Some even have a limit to amount of vouchers that can be sold.  So if you become a deal hunter, you will have to be on the ball with the fastest selling deals.

You can find deals for so many things, but the popular ones are the personal care ( spa services, cosmetology etc..), restaurants (dinner for two discounts, buy on get ones etc..), yoga studios (many classes for a greatly reduced fixed one time price), clothes (discounts for online clothing retailers) and much more!

So What's The Catch?

You still don't believe it? Well you are going to have to check it out yourself. I know for a fact that I have purchased deals and they have worked. Many of my friends have gotten yoga packages, which are very popular too (yoga studios are opening up everywhere!). You can even give the voucher of the deal you buy, and give it as a gift to someone! It's the best way to advertise a business these days since so many people go on the internet. Sending out flyer deals via email, is more effective that sending out actual physical flyers, which can be very wasteful. More people respond to email and check it everyday. More people also pay for stuff online so finding people who are already looking for deals makes this system perfect.

Remember to always make sure that the site is legitimate. You can find reviews everyone on different sites. A lot of the major ones have deals from local areas. And some just do their local area. Local is always better, so remember that. You can also get rewards for referring people to the site. Which is the same for a lot of new web things, but thats how things get popular! So check out some local deals. When you do find one, and a deal you really like, you will be amazed!


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      Justus 3 years ago

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