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Are Latest Mobile Phones Better than Mini Computers?

Updated on June 11, 2013

Latest mobile phones are becoming more and more complex when it comes to its feature and usage. Conventionally, this gadget is use basically to make phone calls and send text messages to be able to get in touch either for personal or business purposes. But as competition gets stiffer and people’s way of life becomes more demanding, cell phone companies are making innovative changes to be able cope up with the trend.

Today, gadgets are created in a portable and user friendly manner for easy access and manageability. For instance, laptops were created as a handy counterpart of a desktop computer. But with the latest mobile phones creation, it makes the lives for many of us easier and more comfortable, by merging the element of a laptop and cell phone thus making your phone like a mini computer.

Browsing the web is made possible even without the use of a computer. Just by using your mobile device, you can go to your favorite web page and start doing your search. Staying connected with your love one is made easy too. Social networking sites can now be linked directly to your phone. Sending and receiving email will not be a problem with the latest mobile phone.

Latest Mobile phones are Mini Computer

With your phone, you can view and edit documents through windows mobile (software). Whether you want to view your slide presentation created in power point or you want to do some changes in your word or excel file, you can do it in the convenience of your cell phone. There’s a note and outlook program included as well.

Connecting to a wireless network can be done too without the use of a laptop or wireless adapters. Most if not all newly released mobile phones have wireless connectivity option. As long as you can detect a network, just simply connect your phone and gotcha, you can now go to the net and it’s for free. Provided you are trying to connect to an unsecured network or you know the password if it’s a secured Wi-Fi connection. Or you can use a 3 or 4 G network on the latest mobile phones to access the net.

A Great Alternative

Truly latest mobile phone offers a lot of advantages and benefits to its users. You can compare mobile phones available today to check which one is most suitable for you. Though it is an unhidden fact that this phones still holds some limitations and imperfections when compared to a computer, but they are a great alternative especially for those who are always on the go and live a fast pace and challenging lifestyle.

 It is amazing how fast mobile phones are changing. The iPhone 4 has set a new standard once again for all the latest mobile phones to follow. Awesome for all of us users and they will soon be better than a mini computer as well that is what there are and hey you can even use them to call someone.


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