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Are Robots the Next Big Wave in Technology?

Updated on August 1, 2016
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Taking a look ahead at what lies in store for the modern home in terms of technology is exciting, to say the least. One of the current trends is technology for the home, and it is quickly swaying toward incorporating the use of a home robot into our daily lives. There are many prototypes being tested and some models already being used. Robots are being used in a variety of industries, and it is likely that this trend is going to continue. Robots are becoming the norm and vital parts of our daily lives; they are no longer just playing a role in futuristic entertainment. Here are some examples of present day robots that are busy playing a role in making the world a better, or at least more convenient place. And a look at how robotics is changing and adapting to remain a part of our future.

Rise of Robots in the Military

Prior to 2002, the military had virtually zero robots but over recent years they have incorporated about 5000 ground robots into their programs. They can use robots in a wide variety of ways, and it is expected that the number and type of robots in use in the military will only continue to grow. They provide great services in terms of running reconnaissance, offering support right on the battlefield and even providing sentry duty. Why are robots gaining popularity in military operations? They can add a ground presence, determine precise details about the environment without risking life or limb of any humans. They are also being used for transmitting a variety of information on many different levels. They can perform solo or alongside military personnel right in the field. It’s a very safe way to increase ground forces.

Rise of Robots in the Public Safety Sector

Robots are already having an impact in terms of public safety, and it is certain that their popularity is only going to increase in the next couple of years. Information technology is already being completely revitalized, and the first responder community is making strides toward catching up with the use of robots. There is already a computer system being used to improve public safety. The FirstNet Initiative helps ensure the safety of a wide variety of emergency service personnel on a nationwide level. Now that this is in place, there are several robotic companies that are ready to begin providing robotic products that are going to be able to make a tremendous difference.

One robot already being used is the quad copter. These flying robots can be used in a variety of emergency situations. The quad copter is unmanned and remotely controlled so that it can fly into situations and provide feedback to personnel on the ground. They are already making an enormous difference but are sure to gain momentum in this modern age of technology.

Rise of the Home Robot

It seems that the technology movement is soon to overtake the home. There are new robots being created and programmed to do just about everything around the house. It is highly likely that it will not take long before the home robot is as common as the microwave and dishwasher. Robots can be designed to perform a variety of tasks like taking care of the floors. Robots can sweep and mop or vacuum home flooring. There’s a robot that can do things outside too like mow your yard or clean out the gutters. German citizens have a robot that can actually iron shirts by using heated air. Over the last few years, there have been many advancements in robotic technology and countries around the globe are researching them and working on developing usable robots for the modern home. Japan is presently working on a prototype that has a “personality.” It is looking like we will soon live in the same world with robots.

Rise of the Social Robot

A social robot is a lot more than just the robotic butler. Social robots will pay very close attention to all of our habits and respond to our little whims. Right now, there is the social robot that roams through the halls at a hotel in Silicon Valley. These robots are programmed to read human’s behaviors and respond. In Europe, robots are being designed to be able to look after the elderly. The goal is for robot technology to be advanced enough over the next few years to be able to take care of an aging population. There are also some commercial social robots that are on the market and treated like, “one of the family.” Its name is Jibo, and it operates on a scale somewhere between a family servant and one of the siblings. There is also some talk of institutional use like in prisons. A social robot would be able to help prisoners rehabilitate and re-socialize.”

Rise of Life-like Robots

Recently scientists and engineers have been working on developing robots that look life-like. They not only look like a human, they act and feel like one. The idea behind a life-like model is that they make the design a lot easier for most people to warm up to them. It doesn’t seem like you are interacting with a cold machine. These robots include the ability to use subtle, nonverbal gestures, sense your touch and turn to address you and have eyes that can blink and move. These robots have chest movements that make it appear that they are breathing and facial muscles that react in a very humanlike manner. These are perhaps the future of social robots, and they are programmed with artificial intelligence that helps create successful interactions between human and machine. It is likely that the life-like robots will become a standard everyday feature once we all get used to them being around us everyday.

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    • profile image

      DDPayne 21 months ago

      I have always believed the robot would be integrated into society. The Jetsons planted the seed. I'm also waiting for flying cars - we NEED them here in ATL

    • profile image

      d'wynter cold 21 months ago

      i say this daily lol