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Are You A Netpreneur?

Updated on March 13, 2013

Who are Netpreneurs?

When I married the Internet and my Entrepreneur skills a new and very exciting domain opened up for me.

For me the new and exciting bits were being able to:

Do business without geographical boundaries with setup costs being breathtakingly marginal when compared to setting up an identical business model within the Brick and Mortar domain

Another huge plus was being able to accept payment in multiple foreign currencies via a single payment gateway that automatically took care of foreign currency conversions to the USD or EURO

I like to label people who do this as Netpreneurs.

Netpreneurs are entrepreneurs who understand clearly what the Internet brings to:

  • Starting, growing and sustaining a business model
  • Earning and then multiplying money
  • Bootstrapping (almost) any business until it turns profitable
  • Geographical locations which are no longer a hindrance to any collaboration between businesses

Netpreneurs know that just because they have employees, they really do not need office space. Often the Netpreneur may have multiple employees scattered across the globe that they have never physically seen.

The Netpreneur just does not dream of working four hours a day, five days a week, they live within such a business model day in and day out. They proudly say ‘They have a life’.

The Netpreneur also creates their dream business and works on this every waking hour of their day, and they proudly say ‘They have a life’.

Passion and vision built on a solid technology base are their prime business drivers.

The Netpreneur has thrown off the old trappings of the brick and mortar business culture, and has embraced all the possibilities and opportunities made available via the Internet.

There’s a quiet work revolution occurring all across the globe. There are full-time employees doing the most amazing work while sitting at their dining / kitchen tables, right in the comfort of their own home.

There are freelance coding, design, SEO, SEM, SMM, product, marketing - specialists who meet more clients in a day through social networking than they ever could have through a month of brick and mortar networking.

Today anyone can afford a virtual assistant. Such assistants do not sit outside an executive’s door anymore. They work where it pleases them, Café Coffee Day, the beach, the Library, in their homes, wherever there is a WiFi broadband Internet connection, and a plug point that can power their laptops.

Netpreneur’s often lead modest to large teams of people who work together as one to meet their stated business vision from locations all across the globe. These are people whom the Netpreneur has most likely will never met face to face and most likely never will.

Netpreneur’s are ordinary, everyday people like you and me:

  • Driving their vision passionately
  • Supported by great technology
  • Doing their thing
  • Making a decent living
  • Spreading their ideas
  • Employing remotely located product, tech and marketing teams

All of which is done at an amazing cost to company and offering the very best returns on investments.

Today there are very minimal costs and barriers to starting an online business. Today Netpreneur’s are definitely a growing and (often) successful business class.

When you realize that you can change your life, your income and the way you work through the power of the Internet, you are definitely a Netpreneur.

Ivan Bayross


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