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Are You Addicted To Internet Based Social Networking Mediums?

Updated on September 24, 2011

As I write this hub, I often see people clambering to gain access to their laptops, Desktops, or their smart phones, to check their Twitter, FaceBook, and My Space accounts. I often start laughing, because there are people who cannot go without accessing those social mediums for minimum of five minutes, before they start going into social network medium shock or withdrawals.

Actually, in most cases this maybe a serious problem, when people start to jeopardize, or neglect their jobs, and their families, or things that are deemed very important in their lives for social internet based networking mediums. I will admit that I once, had one of those Internet based social networking mediums mentioned above, but I closed the account, simply because, I never had enough time to maintain it. The question, maybe, "Did I check or access my account every day?" The answer to that question, would be absolutely, “no”.

I will even play the Devil's Advocate here. The question maybe raised, "Well, How much time do you spend on hub pages?" I would respond, that I read tons of books, technical, fiction, and non fiction novels. I also love writing books and hubs. I don't spend every waking moment on hubpages, nor do I walk around with a book stuck in my face all of the time, I have a balance in my life, where I know how much time, I will spend doing those things in my life, that I enjoy, I would maintain, that I have a balance in my life. I do not believe that a person can live their lives through by living through accessing Internet based social networking mediums, from my perspective

As with anything in our lives, we must have a balance. Too much of anything, can be bad for you, and that goes for Internet based social networking mediums. If you living your life through these mediums, and you are neglecting the things that are important in your life, then, you should seek professional help, or attempt to limit the time you spend accessing these social networking mediums.

What are some of the signs a person will exhibit, if he or she is addicted to social internet based networking mediums, such as FaceBook aka( crackbook), Twitter, and My Space.

o When you see a person constantly checking their accounts, or when he or she are obviously ignoring the things that are occurring around them.

o If he or she has a smart phone, with their favorite social app loaded on it, does that smart phone ever leave their hands, or when you are holding a conversation with him or her, does he or she ever make eye contact with you? if you are attempting to hold a general conversation.

o When the person that may have an addiction to these social mediums, does she or she do more social networking on the Internet, than work on his or her job?

o Does this particular individual spend more time, in front of a computer at home, engaged into accessing Internet based social networking mediums, than interacting with people outside of their personal surroundings?

o When you talk to a person that may exhibit such an addiction. Does he or she only talk about the things that are taking place in that Internet based social networking mediums? If so, then, that is a sure sign as well, that he or she maybe addicted to those social Internet networking mediums as well.

I have given you five indicators, which may give you some insight into whether or not a person maybe addicted those Internet based social networking mediums. I know this is a problem, simply because, I know companies, or corporations, who have instituted stiff policies, to ensure that people are not accessing these Internet based social networking mediums on their jobs. I have even seen people or employees terminated, because he or she could not follow those policies whereby he or she was instructed not to access those social mediums while he or she are suppose to performing job functions on their jobs.

So, there you have it. Those Internet based social mediums are here, due to the emergence of technology, and yes they may have bridged the gap or distances between people. Yet, if they are not utilized constructively in our lives, these social mediums can cause people who do not know how to balance their usage in their lives, a lot more than those Internet based social networking mediums are worth in my mind.


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