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Are cybergroups one of the best supportive groups out there?

Updated on July 27, 2015


I have few solid examples to prove that social media groups/cyber groups are one of the most effective group regardless of one’s ability to express their body language. I write my own blog for physical therapy and Yoga. I normally get comments based on my article and I go through them pretty thoroughly. From what I have understood, cyber groups convey their messages in the following formats

1) The art of language: Cyber groups depend on language for communication. The language in itself is in an expressive mode. The symbols such as “exclamation mark”, “question marks” , “dot dot dot ….” and various other forms helps in conveying one’s thought and expression. The cyber groups uses this kind of symbols to express their anger, love, surprise and resentment. One’s expression are normally jotted down with words and symbols.

2) The art of using emoticons: We are pretty much familiar with emoticons and use them in our daily life. Based upon the social media needs there are various emoticons available in the market. This kind of emoticons have an expression written down below them. Cyber groups uses this kind of symbols to express their body language. Sometimes the emoticons even have sounds associated with them to appreciate their expressions.

Personal opinion

3) My personal opinion: I got married by arranged marriage. I still remember that after seeing my husband’s picture in email (sent by my dad), the first interaction between me and my husband was in the form of email. As we were not familiar with each other we thought of writing few emails to know each other before showing ourselves on skype. It turned out to be pretty good. As you are not seeing the person face to face there is less tension of how one will feel if he or she doesn’t meet the expectation.

4) As you are not seeing the person it relieves the pressure of how to behave and look good. The cyber groups uses this same protocol. Especially if a person is more introvert and is prone to avoid public exposure, for them cyber communication works at their best. They can be comfortable in their own house and be at the their best behaviours in addition to feeling more relaxed.

We all see that the dating sites are now using the cyber communication mode to find match.

Cyber groups--as supportive groups

I think cyber groups can become one of the most effective groups based on the following:

1) People who are introvert, shy and feel nervous in public can communicate from their convenient location without feeling stressed out. This kind of communication gives them more confidence and a better way to express themselves.

2) One doesn’t have to worry about how the other person feels about him/her. This takes away loads of mental stress. One can express freely as one wants.

3) As you are using the art of writing to express, there are less chances of messing it up. Sometimes in face-to-face communication, one gets nervous and blurts out things they are not suppose to say. This is not the case in cyber groups. One has enough time to express by using language. Even the feelings are expressed by using joyful cliparts.

Summary and conclusion with reference

Cyber Groups are one of the most effective groups as of today. We use cyber groups everywhere including twitter, relationship websites, google forums and online chatting media. I think cyber groups have great potential to become the best support group regardless of face-to-face communication. This is mainly true to people who are not able to express themselves freely in public. Cyber Groups can even work well in taking surveys.

Therefore, I think even though one doesn’t see the person’s expression, cyber groups are an effective mode for communication and building social relationships.


Thompson, W. E. & Hickey, J.V. (2002). Society in focus (7th ed.). Allyn andBacon: Boston.

© 2014 Sweeta


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