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Are you in favor of social networking sites?

Updated on July 8, 2019

Social networking and me

Yes, I am in favor of social networking sites, as most of the people who are online spend a considerable time on social networking sites. These sites have become an integral part of our lives. Social networking sites help us to get in touch with people with whom eventually due to many reasons we lose touch. It also helps us to meet new people whom we don't know though it is not that important but then again what is the harm in knowing new people if they are okay to talk. Apart from that, it is also to keep a track about people whom you either love a lot or you hate them so much and then it becomes necessary to spy them if possible on a regular basis. A very biased statement though but one can know a guy if you track them and their activities; right from their daily routine to their friends, what they talk to them, their style of writing and everything. So at times, it becomes important. It is a time pass also and keeps you busy.

There are many social networking websites which are there on the net but Orkut is the most popular and widely used social networking site. It is a small world in itself. When you lose it, it will also separate you from a lot of people dear to you (far away or close). In other words, social networking sites have become a small world with fewer people that you know. Also, if these sites are not there, it will take away the freedom to ones expression.

Everyone of us just need a feeling of connection. Who are we if we do not reach after the dearest people as much as we can? May it be on internet, at college, at home, on the phone, or just in our minds but at these times, internet seems to be a solution, especially for the separating distance/time dimension in this global world where everyone is so busy with their work or being tired after work, so people stay connected with these sites.

It is a lot of fun and charm indeed in meeting new people via these SNW sites but lots of insecurity too. People can act who they are not and easily get away with it. Well, for me it's a game to unravel who's fake and who's not, so that is just another entertaining part of it. However, the new friendships can happen with expanding your networks.

There is a popular slogan that "the uncertainty associated with the unknown is what makes it fun" .though its not always rosy. People might offend you, your sensibilities but still the risk is worth taking. I personally have made many good friends on social networking sites and also met with a few of them.

What people do when they put in more time in these sites?

In my opinion, connecting with your lost friends, getting to know about what is happening in their lives are only fringe benefits, if I may term it like that. This happens only when you don't give any substantial time doing social networking. Trust me once you start spending hours per day on Orkut or Facebook, you would be least bothered about the photo album of your friend's Goa trip and instead start exploring the unknown.

Though Orkut and Facebook and their likes are not too old, but the pace at which they have become a part of our lives suggests that they are not just fun or time pass.

SNW makes me happy when I see a lot of friends leaving their message for me and it is always nice to get their comments/compliments/feedback on things like pics/videos, etc which I share with them. It certainly bonds us better

These networks help us to reconnect, share, and interact with friends.

These sites help me to reconnect with my old school buddies and is another way to kill time too when I am free.

Creating scraps on these sites is quite fast and easier to handle than any e-mail accounts. I hate checking mails and instead I would love to check scraps. Orkut is cool so is Facebook.

Besides all these things, there are different things which can be done through social networking sites. Some people have found the love of their life through these sites whereas some people have found these websites totally useless. So, I leave that to you to decide that are you a person who wants to meet and interact with new friends or are you a person who wants to sit idle and search for people on the search engines for your lost or forgotten friends.

Are you in favor of social networking websites?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2009 Microniche Finding Coach -- Rajinder Soni


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