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Article Rewriter: WordFlood 2.0 Review

Updated on April 2, 2010

An article rewriter is a content software tool used to take a completed PLR articles and turn them into a new articles. The goal to turn the old into new in less time then it would take to just hand rewrite the articles. The article is of course not new, but its content is changed in such a way that it is considered unique.

There is a market for article rewriter. Many find it too time consuming to produce a large amount of original articles. To save time they buy PLR articles in packages and article re-writer software programs that can take complete articles and turn them into something new.

PLR articles, or Private Label Rights articles are purchased by the 1000's in packages. Because the same PLR articles are being used by everyone who purchased the PLR package, the information is all duplicate content and the search engine filters will not think highly of their use. This is where to article software comes in. It is used to create a new article by changing various words and phrases in the PLR articles. WordFlood 2.0 is one such article rewriter software that claims to take original articles and turn them into unique content.

Article Rewriter Software Should SAVE You Time, Not Steal It.

I got my 14 day trial copy of WordFlood 2.0. I'm just not impressed. A truly workable article rewriter software should allow it's user to take a 600 word PLR article and turn it into something that is still intelligently readable in a matter of minutes, no more then 20 at the most.

The software should NOT require you to spend so much time having to work through the rewriting software longer then it would have taken you to just rewrite the original article with your own words. Your new and improved PLR article rewrite should not only be unique enough to pass through duplicate content filters, it should be able to do so without butchering the original article into unreadable garble.

WordFlood 2.0 has a good idea behind it. It's pretty simple to copy and paste your niche plr article into the article rewriter software. Above the article are a series of boxes that will show synonyms to change words or phrases to something that resembles a similar meaning. Every word or phrase that could be changed, has a box with a list of possible changes.


"WordFlood 2.0 accepts an adept approximation behindhand them. It has jolly bare to imitate and glue your articles into the articles redact software system. Higher up the articles arena serial by boxfuls that volition demonstrate synonyms to alter articulates or formulates to something that resembles a exchangeable entailing. All discussion or idiom that can[2] comprise commuted, bears an boxwood on an listing by conceivable alterations. "

WordFlood 2.0 claims that it can change articles quickly, just be selecting the suggestions. I plugged in the paragraph I wrote above and QUICKLY selected the most plausible word from the list. Above is how my new paragraph turned out.As you can see, the content is now unique, and it was quick to make. But, I would never be able to put my name to this.

WordFlood 2.0 has some merit. If you use it to help suggest new words or phrases while you are working to rewrite the article with mostly your own ideas, then this software can be useful. This article rewriting software is offered for $37. I would'nt pay more then $10 for this software, so for me, this is a pass.

If your only intentions are to create "quickly" any resemblance of a paragraph and the jumbled language is fine and acceptable for your intended use, run your article through a language translator. English to Spanish, Spanish to French, French to German, Then German to English. Even quicker, and free.

But then, I have high expectations, If your interested in a 14 day trial to see for yourself, by all means check out WordFlood


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