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Asus VG236H: A nice 3-D Computer Monitor

Updated on May 14, 2011

Facts about 3D Asus VG236H

Generally, Asus VG236H has LCD display or TFT active matrix. This 15.5 -lbs computer monitor has 21.7 inches width and 9.8 inches depth. It is bundled with NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit. It’s 23-inches Widescreen diagonal size with a shivel display position adjustment plus the 16.7 million color support is awesome.

What is 3D?

3D as defined 3 dimensional space referring to width, length and depth is mostly a technical trick. It brings a feeling of realism to the audience. When it comes to close-ups, the effect is even stronger. The actor’s head fills the room, and this dramatically increases the emotional charge of the shot. The increased realism of human figures in 3D movies positively affects the identification and projection processes. In order to view the 3D images on the computer screen a user must wear a pair of polarized glasses. These are not the old style red and blue filtered glasses, but a newer version of 3D technology that uses a special kind of polarization to separate the images into two parts (one intended for each eye). Most of the new 3D display technologies build on the current standard for 3D that people are used to seeing in the movie theater.

For technology-updated people, 3D is not strange. But for those who have not yet tried watching a movie or playing a game in a 3D monitor especially in the remote areas, 3D is really a “what?” for them. It would surely cause them nosebleed before they could say, “Ahhh…this is what they call 3D! Amazing!” A friend of mine named Ellen revealed his funny experience with his husband “Honey” when they’re watching an action movie in a 3-D theater. She never told him she already had an experienced in Hongkong. Inside the theater, Honey asked her what this glasses are for? Ellen replied, “just use it!” The crime began when the fight scene occurred. Honey shouted and jumped off from the chair with fear because he thought he will be hit. Ellen laughed at him because what happened to her in Hongkong was exactly the same thing happened to Honey. We both laughed about it on the jet while on our way home. Ellen’s story just complement how amazing 3D can thrill and excite an individual. Same way one could feel if he or she would try ASUS VG236H 3D computer monitor with complete 3D gadgets.

Why would I choose Asus VG236H?

I would prefer Asus VG236H simply because it’s hot in the market aside from the fact that the quality is guaranteed. The look is quite cool. I like the color. I really love it! This is the latest craze in the market nowadays.


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