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Awesome Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Great Controls

Updated on November 28, 2016
Leeron Portable Bluetooth Speaker Package
Leeron Portable Bluetooth Speaker Package | Source
Leeron Portable Bluetooth Speaker on the desk
Leeron Portable Bluetooth Speaker on the desk | Source
Leeron Portable Bluetooth Speaker on a ship
Leeron Portable Bluetooth Speaker on a ship | Source

Leeron Portable Blutooth Speaker $25.99 with code XRHHI89L at amazon

* Large control buttons
* Strong hanging loop

* Weak Carabiner

Package Includes:
* Leeron Bluetooth Speaker
* USB Charging Cable
* Aux Cable
* Carabiner

When I received Leeron Bluetooth Speaker, I was expecting the normal cardboard box that's pretty popular for online purchases. To me it's not a big deal since that usually means the cost savings is typically passed on to the end user. So I was really surprised when it came in a very nice box and extremely well packaged. The packaging is similar to what you would find at a retail store. Of course this means expectations are set higher.

I had chosen gray and orange even though I love all of the other colors available. The only reason I went with gray and orange was because I didn't want the speaker to get dirty when I bring it out. But regardless I really like the gray & orange. It makes the speaker looks really nice.

First thing I did was charge the speaker. I use a microsd cable hooked to a 850mA wall plug. The initial charging time was around 1.5 hours which tells me the speaker was partially charged first. Charging port is found on the back and covered with a dust protector.

After charging I clicked the M button to pair it to my phone. One thing to note, I love that the buttons are so big and easy to click. Sometimes with bluetooth speakers the buttons are made pretty small or tightly packed next to each other. Pairing was quick and I did notice that there's an led in between the buttons that indicates the speaker's status.

I tested the functions and noticed that the +/- buttons control the volume with a single click. The reason why I point this out specifically is because I've had many bluetooth speaker that has the +/- hooked to track changes and only holding down the +/- will change volume. I actually much prefer the way Leeron did it. This ensures that I have better control over the volume.

Aside from pairing it to my phone, I also tried using the microsd card. I happen to have a lot of spare microsd card so this is put to good to use with some of the music I have. I was able to play music with the card and I was able to change tracks and manage volume too. While this function is nice to have it definitely won't be the primary way for me to use this speaker. I also didn't bother using the aux cable with the speaker only because I definitely know I won't be using this function.

One thing to mention is sound quality. I had BOTH the phone & speaker volume turn to the max and played a song to see if there's distortion which happily there aren't. In fact the words were coming out very clear and the bass was deep.

Overall, I like the Leeron Bluetooth speaker a lot. I actually struggle to find a negative for it. But really the biggest negative that I have is the carabiner. This is one of those rare speakers that have a built-in hanging loop. Now it's rare because others use a flimsy loop (i.e. weak rubber) that feels like loop might break and I'll have the speaker drop to the floor. Leeron actually used a strong plastic that's built in and held down with screws. It is such a shame that they decided to include such a small and weak carabiner.

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