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The Little Things That Make Mac Computers so Much Better

Updated on January 16, 2020

Macs may be more expensive than PCs but they offer so many more features. When buying a Mac you are buying a state of the art machine and strait out of the box it will do what you want. The software on the Mac in the Mac OS X operating system just makes everything easier and more enjoyable to use. Steve Jobs once said that "iTunes on Windows is like giving someone a glass of water in hell." If iTunes is that good then just think of how good a Mac would be when it is made by the same developers. Here is a list of some things that help make Macs stand out among the rest on the computers.

1. No trial software is installed that is unneeded when taken out of the box. You don't have to spend anytime deleting it to get your memory back.

2. The multitouch trackpad on MacBooks makes everything so much easier. You can go to your desktop, see what programs you have open, and just the size of the trackpad allows the user more flexibility.

3. The eyesight camera on the top of every Mac makes video chats easy to get started with your friends on iChat.

4. iChat is one of the best chatting utility on any computer. It incorporated everything that a user would want. It can have audio chats, video chats, and even share your files in iChat theater.

5. iLife comes standard on every Mac and includes the ultimate media experience from looking at pictures sorted by faces, to making your own movies in less than 15 minutes, to creating your own song that is completely unique.

6. Having nearly no viruses for a Mac is a major positive. I have never seen any Mac with a virus and none of them have any antivirus software.

7. Quickview is one of the nicest features on a Mac. You can click on the file and press space to view it without opening a single program. You can look at word documents, listen to music, and watch movies all from within Quickview.

8. Also, for any environmentalist, the Mac computers are some of the most environmentally friendly computers on the market. They have received the EPEAT gold award for cutting back on so many harmless chemicals in the computers.

9. The layout of a mac is so simple to learn and use. All the options are at the top in the same places for every program. Also, looking at your programs could never be easier. You can just click on the applications folder instead of having to look though many folders of developers trying to remember which folder contained the program you want to use.

10. Spaces is so easy to use and sets up your programs so nicely and uncluttered. It allows you to have multiple screens open with different programs in each. You can make different spaces based on whether you are doing work, answering emails, or just having fun.

Once you use a Mac you are never going to want to use a PC again. All the features not offered on a PC will drive you nuts. The amount of time saved by the features is astronomical.

Comment and let me know if you would like to hear about anymore of the feature on the Mac. There are almost too many to capture and comment on.

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