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Updated on June 18, 2014

Bio manufacturing is the process of isolation, production and purification of medicines and chemicals made using living organisms. Companies undertaking bio-manufacturing use living cells to make products such as diagnostics, vaccines, medicines, amino acids, enzymes, veterinary medicines among other medical products. In essence, the making of these products is called bio manufacturing. The process in bio manufacturing of such products is complex, requiring many hours of operation and expertise that work under tight regulations. It needs well experienced personnel to operate the complex machines and who are able to adhere to the stipulated rules and regulations.

The use of living cells in the manufacture of chemicals enables the effective and adversity of enzymes to be exploited. It facilitates the production of chemicals with unique and crucial characteristics that can be used as, sources of energy, polymers, food products, as well as biodegradation materials. Presently, bio manufacturing has emerged as a fundamental and lucrative industry in the market sphere of biotechnology. In addition, this sector has shown a potential of being one of the defining technologies in the near future.

Bio manufacturing is nonetheless, not a completely new concept. Since time immemorial, human beings have been used biological substances in the production of such products as bread, cheese, wine and many others. These products are because of processes that employ microorganisms. It is from this concept that researchers have found ways in manipulating microorganisms to establish desirable and unique pharmaceutical and chemical products in comparison to those manufactured without the use of these organisms. The technique has been developing from its earlier forms to become a complex procedure in current times. It has also come to encompass other disciplines such as bio-energy, biodetection, bioengineering and bio-computation.


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