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BIOS Command Guide: A Short BIOS Guide for All Users

Updated on June 10, 2011

For selecting your computer boot drive priority or to change the system time or to enable or disable some ports or to enable or disable your build in AGP card (if you have external AGP card), you need to access BIOS. When you access BIOS, you will see that the mouse is totally inactive. You must have to use keyboards. This page will help you to know some of the basic and essential commands to successfully control your computer's BIOS. One of the great problem is that the motherboard are built by several companies and the motherboard has several brands. So, for all the BIOS commands are not the same for all of the motherboard.

This page will tell you some of the commands which are really necessary for accessing and controlling your computer BIOS. I think they must have to learn. If you remember, you will get many benefit when you access in your computer's BIOS.

How to enter or access BIOS?

The BIOS command varies from computer's model to model. But you can definately access or enter BIOS by using any of the key:

  • ESC key
  • F5 key
  • F8 key
  • DEL/Delete key

Alternative keys of your mouse

Here too, the commands vary depending to your motherboard model. But the function is like navigating through your mouse:

  • Page Up and Page Down keys
  • UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT arrows
  • End key
  • Home key
  • Tab key

How to choose an option

Fortunately, it's the only key which is same to all models of motherboard. To choose an option:

  • Press the ENTER key

How to change different options value or change the priority of different devices

  • Number Keys: Use number keys to change the values or numbers
  • -/+ keys: Use -/+ keys to modify numerical values
  • DEL/BACKSPACE keys: use these keys(DEL/BACKSPACE) to delete values
  • Y key: To choose Yes to answer any BIOS questions
  • N key: To choose No to answer any BIOS questions

How to quite BIOS?

  • Use ESC key to quit BIOS¬†
  • Press CTRL+ALT+DEL keys all together to promptly restart your system or computer

© Written by rancidTaste

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