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Updated on August 14, 2012

Are You Really !

We as a society have an alarming trend developing seemly on an endless course among our cities, states, taking over complete neighborhoods and residing heavily inside our young children. We all have seemed to embrace the glory of its intentions, the magnificent of its creative abilities. Those of us that have borne witness to its unmistakable journey creeping upon us are stuck in utter awe at its transformation from the subtle times of a type writer requiring the use of a ribbon, to the black & white television set playing the Star Spangle Banner at the distant stroke of midnight humming itself inside our sleep. We are admired at its challenges and stay up countless hours mystified by its capture of our brain. Was all this an intentional act still pending inside the scenes of an Act I? Is there a means to the end in preparation for a complete annihilation of our minds, spirit and body? There is no one fighting its battle as an Army of one, there are no countless parades being marched about, and still no signs of an impending doom texted across our 8 inch screens. We have embraced the semblance of its intended use as one mixture of our own, rooted deeply inside us all as if it was created compatibly to be known as a central part in all of us. The world as we know it is changing and revolving around us at lightning speed. The flow and process of information is moving our minds in the realm of BRAIN SYNCHRONIZATION.

You Ask !!

You ask; what is brain synchronization. Brain synchronization begins when our minds are in heavy constant rotation in the use of computer gadgetry. Such as spending more than 8 hours a day texting, shopping online, doing heavy computer usage and when the basics of our daily lives are processed through the use of this computer device, the mind becomes synchronized as if one with the device. The brain instantly forms a bond in which it deems that no matter what type of task you do, it still determines that the computer is running out this function. Even though the task you’re running bears no distinction to utilizing its use of a computer to run it. The mind will infatuate the semblance of a computer still in operation as you go about through the task in hand. Take for instance, upon speaking with a friend we talked about her continual heavy usage of her latest and brightest cell phone to do all her desk top related computer task. Put out every day is a different and upgraded device which is developed to bring us closer to having us do all our desk top related work on one electronic gadget. There known as the IPAD to a Samsung Galaxy, to a pad of your choosing, and they all promise quick and concise accuracy and speed of use. They have become smaller and smaller and smarter and smarter, made precisely in order to give us an advantage over others who still carry those bulky and expensive other devices. One day she sent me fashion shopping orders to assemble, which she had planned out and sent to me via her cell phone. These orders being determined by me to be so complex that I sort to write them down and place them in its concise shipping order, upon stating this to her, it seemed to infuriate her because as she stated to me I should be able to piece all the shopping orders together on my cell phone as she did. Be aware that we have been texting for quite a few hours now, and as we all know it, all the text seems to disappear from the screen as you continually replace it with a new one; which means I no longer had the exact shopping orders on the same page as she had last sent them. She was so busy sending me new text; I guess she forgot that as you do this the old ones scroll down and create a new page. When she found out I had attached the word complex to it. She immediately became enraged by the fact of how I could not operate and think as fast as the gadget would warrant me too. This is turn opened my eyes to other related talks we had some time back in which I noticed how she seems to operate as decisively and as keenly as the device she is working digitally on. I do remember on several occasions I had to remind her that I for one do not operate on the click of the buttons nor do I make my decisions in the realm of the second hand clock. I mean who does that; which takes me back to thinking of just how a person can actually feel that the person they are dealing with must now be in the same gadget box as they are in and if you’re outside of this box, well you’re literally not normal anymore. This takes me back to my first point, how many of us are now living proof of our own technological devices. How many minds are now corrupted beyond this point of no return? How many are in need of their devices taken away or in such dire straits as we need to start the thinking process of opening up an intervention clinic on technologic overload. Is the brain in constant need of its fix, the answer to that is have you ever tried to take away any of these devices. It would be like asking your teenager to unplug the Xbox for a day or two; or not to post anything on Facebook in order to achieve the aspirations of another’s use of the LIKE button. Yes we are now faced with the agony of a total society in technological junkies whose fix is as bad as standing in those long lines at Starbucks in order to quench their caffeine addiction. Must we all attend the same class which will teach us how to access the window of system tools in order to initiate the use of the defragmenter, so that we may get back all those who seem as if there lost out at sea. It all seems so understandable to me now, more importantly so as I watch another device, another gadget capture and trap the mind of our young. We have become increasingly blind by its ambitions, trapped by its stunning beauty, enslaved by its workmanship. The only thing left now is I await the day when the electricity will be no more and we all return back towards those days of yesteryear, we shall watch and see what device, what gadget they shall relay on to provide them there fix, or as we now see it, maybe there life will come to that end, a life of no recovery, no means to an END…

Every day is living proof of a life filled with a new discovery, to be trapped by a device whose battery life seems so much longer than yours is only putting yourself- your mind, your heart and soul inside a reality of a time zone in which you shall never live out. Enjoy your life as if it’s the last day for one never knows when it shall be just that…

I Mean I’m Just Saying…

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