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Backyard tornado shelters and indestructible homes

Updated on May 30, 2019
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Building designing thin shell monolithic concrete homes since 1983 including dome homes and above ground portable 8 ton safe room domes.

Portable above ground tornado safe rooms
Portable above ground tornado safe rooms | Source

Where will you when the wind blows? backyard power plant safe room

Researchers have calculated that wind hitting a dome leaves the dome at twice the velocity. By mounting solar panels and tub type wind turbine with backup batteries a safedome now becomes a backyard alternative energy power plant PLUS a place of refuge during storms.

Above ground is a MUST it is hard enough to locate a victim above ground under debris finding one underground under 8 feet of debris?

Safedome is Miami Dade County, Florida and Department of Defense certified storm shelter and meets FEMA 320 specs for safe rooms.

In order to store a bank of batteries ( in Florida) the building must have a class A rating, explosion proof which the safedome is.

Big Pine Key Florida Post Hurricane and tidal surge
Big Pine Key Florida Post Hurricane and tidal surge | Source

Safedome survivability Big Pine Key

The safedome is engineered to withstand enormous wind it can also withstand a 15 foot tidal surge. Steel door was taken off but dome remained in place, weighs 8 tons but due to its shape and design can withstand huge amounts of stress.

4 inch foundation dowels

First pour a 4 inch foundation with dowels coming out every 12 inches.

Erecting a steel dome cage

Once the foundation has been poured with the dowels coming out and cured begins the task of erecting a dome steel cage. Nice to have an airform but if not use rib lathe used by stucco contractors. Once you have the shape you want from the steel cage then tie the rib lathe to the interior. Once the lathe is secure begin mixing mud. Any openings should have double triple steel around the entire opening for added reinforcement.

8 ton monolithic concrete dome tornado / hurricane storm shelter

Once you have applied 3 inches of 4000 psi concrete over the steel you will have a dome like the one above minus a door. The door is what rates the tornado protection of the safe room. Doors come in a variety of ratings up to blast proof costing thousands of dollars. The strength of the dome shell comes from its shape and design, larger at bottom than top, no wind resistance, no wind uplift.

Backyard solar power plant tornado shelter delivery

Homes today can have a power plant delivered and within hours be plugged into their own power source plus having the peace of mind knowing that they not only are off the grid they have a place to go when the wind blows.

A lifetime gift

Gift season

With the uptick in storms both strength and frequency perhaps a backyard safe room is the gift you are in need of? Portable, no bld. permits normally, used everyday for a she shed, fitness room, golf cart / ATV garage, extra bedroom, power plant and when needed a room to save your life.

Where will you go when the wine blows?

Dave Pressler President DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie, retired Miami Dade FF


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