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Barely There iPad 2 Case by Case Mate- Covers Back of iPad 2 with Rubbery Feel that Increases Grip

Updated on May 31, 2011

Covering an iPad 2 with a case that both obscures the great looks and that weighs it down does not appeal to most iPad 2 owners. However, all iPad 2 owners want to protect their iPad 2 from scratches and worry about it slipping out of their hands or off the edge of a smooth surface.

The Barely There iPad 2 Case Mate is a good choice to protect without bulk, weight or too much coverage. The Case Mate leaves the beautiful touchscreen uncovered. The Case Mate snaps easily to back of the iPad and covers it with a rubbery feeling surface that both feels good and keeps the iPad 2 from slipping out of your hand. This plastic case’s rubbery feeling surface also protects against slipping from smooth surfaces such as desks and tables.

The Barely There iPad 2 Case by Case Mate is available in black for those that prefer less color and pink for those that prefer more color. The Barely There is true to its name hence the very simple design with no parts to wear out. There are no complicated flips or twists to confuse you either. It is so compact and unobtrusive it could be used in conjunction with some iPad 2 stands and iPad 2 sleeve cases. Sometimes it is preferable to use the iPad 2 in its original form - as a simple tablet. A sleeve can provide further protection for the Touchscreen while it is not being used.

Features of the Barely There iPad 2 Case Mate

It is available in both Black and Pink

It perfectly fits the back of the iPad 2 and simply snaps on

It has a rubbery surface for a better grip

It leaves all ports, buttons, speakers and cameras uncovered

It is svelte enough to use in addition to iPad 2 stands and sleeves

The Barely There iPad 2 Case by Case Mate does not interfere with any ports, buttons, speakers or cameras - cutouts leave them all exposed. While all four corners and the sides are covered (less the cutouts) the top and bottom edges of the iPad are not covered. I suppose Case Mate believes that the corners of the iPad 2 are the most likely area to get bumped.

The edges of the Barely There iPad 2 Case sets at almost exactly the same level as the Touchscreen. However, each corner has a very slight rise to hold the iPad 2 secure. If you hold the iPad 2 at eye level with the Touchscreen towards the sky you will see how very thin and slight the Barely There iPad 2 Case Mate really is.

The Barely There iPad Case is soon be updated to work with the Apple Smart Cover. I wrote about another Smart Cover compatible iPad 2 Case called the Smart Cover Buddy.


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