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Basics and Concepts of Programming

Updated on November 2, 2008

For programming languages, several terms are used. Some important terms i.e. "programming", "programmer", "programming language" etc. of programming languages are presented in this page. At last, some programming languages features are presented shortly.


Programming is referred as:

  • Computer Programming or
  • Programming or
  • Coding

It is a sequential process of the following things:

  • Writing the source code
  • Testing the source code
  • Debugging the source code
  • Troubleshooting the source code
  • Maintaining the source code


The person who writes or builds program or software or computer software by using any programming language, are known as programmer or computer programmer.

The tasks of any programmer are the followings:

  • Requirement analysis and design
  • Coding
  • Compiling
  • Testing
  • Documenting
  • Integration and maintenance

Programming Languages

Programming language is also referred as:

  • Computer programming language/languages
  • Coding language/languages
  • Software Coding language/languages
  • Computer language

The language by which any program or software is written, is known as programming language.


  • Actually it is an artificial language.
  • It is used to write any program.
  • Every programming language have several syntax and semantics.

Types of Programming Languages

Several types of programming languages are developed. Some of their names are given below:

  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Visual Basic

Description of Some Programming Languages


C programming language

Type             : Block-structured

Origin           : Ritchie and Thompson(1972-73), Kernighan and Ritchie(1978)

Description  :

  • Low-level programming language
  • Block structured language
  • A powerful language for writing tight, fast, highly tuned code
  • It is much portable than assembly.
  • Good support for system programming
  • It is widely used in PC, Mac, mainframe, and other computing environments. 

C++ Programming Language

Type : Object Oriented

Origin : Bjarne Stoustrup, AT&T Bell Labs (1982-85)

Description :

  • Complicated object-oriented programming language
  • Derived from C (actually, it's an extension to C)
  • Syntax is a much similar to C
  • Offers wide range of OOP features:

                          inheritance (single and multiple inheritance)

                          dynamic memory management,

                          templates (generics)




                          exception handling


[OOP = Object Oriented Programming]

JAVA Programming Language

Type : Object-oriented

Origin : Gosling et al, Sun Microsystems (1994-95).


  • Fundamental component of a Java program is the class.
  • Every data and method in Java are associated with class.
  • Full-featured, portable object-oriented language.
  • Designed by research staff at Sun Microsystems.
  • Most of the features of Java are:

                     modularity (packages)


                     strong type checking

                     dynamic loading of libraries  



                     string handling  

                     garbage collection 

                     exception handling

                     extensive standard library

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    • Java Programs profile image

      Java Programs 5 years ago from India

      A nice hub about types of programming languages ....

      Keep the good work up ....

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      md. abdur rahman 8 years ago

      nice tutorials