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Base System Device Drivers

Updated on June 21, 2010

What is Base System Device

A Base System Device can range from a sandisk card reader to a chipset device on your motherboard. You'll usually find this after you attach a new component and your system doesn't see it as it should. When you check Device Manager (Right-Click on 'My Computer' and choose properties. Click on 'Hardware' tab. Click on Device Manager button).

You might also find this after you install Windows XP on a system. You'll find yourself after downloading every driver you can find on the manufacturers site, you're still left with this Base System Device with a "?" on it. "What is a Base System Device? And how do I find the drivers?", is probably what you're wondering.

Well, now ya know. It can be a few things. But how can you find a Base system device driver?

Not A Bass System Device!
Not A Bass System Device!

Finding Base System Device

There are a couple of different ways for you to try and find a base system device. I don't know about you, but I want the EASIEST method of finding my drivers.

I've spent HOURS hunting down drivers across manufacturers websites and other means of locating them just to find one driver. I've probably spent 1,000 hours over the course of the last 15 years locating drivers for clients.

So, the first way, is go over all the drivers on the manufacturers site again. Make sure you've gone through everything for your operating system and also for the the operating system independent drivers section. Make sure you've done all your windows updates.

If you have a custom system and cannot go to a "manufacturers" site, you're going to have to visit the sites for each component in your system. The motherboard manufacturer, audio card, video card, etc. It's really a daunting task.

The second and easiest way is by using Driver Detective to locate your drivers for you. It will scan your system, check a massive database of drivers and find the most updated drivers for you. Talk about Easy!!

Automatic Driver Updater

Driver Detective is a very cool application that you install on your computer. It has many uses:

  • Locates Updated Drivers
  • Automatically Updates Your Drivers
  • Can Backup Drivers (Recommended)
  • Can Restore Drivers (VERY useful after a system recovery)

As you can see, it's well worth trying out Driver Detective to see what drivers you need updated.

Do You Need Updates?

>> Scan Your Systems Drivers Now! <<


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