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Basic Videocon Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Updated on January 23, 2011

Cheap Dual SIM Mobile Phone

I am using basic Videocon mobile phone from last 3 months. I have actually never thought about buying Videocon mobile. One day, while taking a walk with my friend, during our conversion my friend and I decided to buy a cheap Dual SIM mobile phone. There is one Mobile store in front of us. We asked the shopkeeper to show us some cheap dual SIM phones. He had shown us the Videocon Dual SIM mobile phone. We liked the view of that mobile and had decided to buy two of them for each of us. When we asked him about the price of the mobile, he told us the price of that mobile. The price of that mobile is 1250 Rs. When we insisted him to give us some concession, as we are buying two mobiles together, he gave us the concession of 50 Rs. Thus, we brought our mobile at 1200 Rs. each. He also gave us the concession on memory card. So, we got our new 2GB memory card at 200 Rs. each. In total, we brought our Dual SIM mobile phone with 2GB memory card at rupees 1400 each. I think this is very good deal as compared to current mobile prices.

Videocon Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Basic Videocon Dual SIM Mobile Phone V-202
Basic Videocon Dual SIM Mobile Phone V-202

Features of Videocon Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Like I have told you before, it supports 2GB memory card. The model name of this mobile is V202. Actually, there is no any model number written over that mobile. I have found the information about the model number of this mobile from the images over Internet. This mobile supports mp3, wave, and amr audio formats. They have given headphones with this mobile and the quality of sound from these headphones is quite good. Amazing! But, this basic Videocon mobile phone supports 3gp type of videos. You can listen to a FM radio by connecting headphones of your mobile phone to your mobile. You can also record FM broadcast in wave or amr type of audio format. You can record calls during conversation. The battery life of this phone under normal condition is about 2 days. You may use your Nokia phone battery to this phone. They give you six months of warranty with this phone. This phone has a very basic web browser. You can surf or can take the updates of match score cards with this basic web browser. This phone doesn’t have Bluetooth application. As I told you before, this phone is Dual SIM mobile phones. It’s both SIMs should be GSM. This phone has two games, Riches and Puzzle. In multimedia, there is a sound recorder. You can manage memories of phone and memory card form File Manager. The major problem that I have faced with this mobile phone is that, you cannot save your messages on your memory card. I always have to delete old messages, when some new message comes to my inbox.

Overall Performance of Videocon Dual SIM Mobile Phone

The overall performance of the Videocon Dual SIM Mobile Phone is very good. I like this phone and I am using it form past three months, and yet I have never got any problem with phone. In the end, if you want to buy a cheap dual SIM mobile phone, I would like to recommend you this Videocon Dual SIM Mobile phone.

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