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Basic HTML Codes

Updated on September 22, 2009

Basic HTML


If anyone struggles with basic coding of html(like I did) then here I would like to show you some basic tags and html that you will need for basic linking of text and images and the link maintenance of your sites.

Here is a code for a basic text link

<a href="">Your own text here!</a>


There are numerous places on the web that will and will not accept html coding, start using this code on your sites for basic text links first and as you go on your journey on the web you will find free places to place backlinks for your websites.


If you see banners and banner sire logo's, these usually consist of html code.

Two requirements are the destination of the hyperlink, which is just like the above text link, except without the actual text wording on the end.

Then the next part of the banner coding would be the actual source of the design/image usually ending in gif or jpeg, the source link is usually linked from a server.

To bold your text just add these tags at the beginning and end of your text <b> </b>

Make sure you close your tags properly or it won't code correctly, so remember this for all of your tag codes.

A little tip I picked up is to get one of thse free ready made templates and make another copy of it to simply mess around with and experiment with the html coding of the page, this way you'll gain an understanding and insight into how this html code creates other stuff on your site like font sizes,tables,colours etc.

Other tags that help in the html formatting are as follows:-

<p></p> This creates a new paragraph.

<br></br> This creates a line break space.

<u></u> this underlines words or sentences

<i></i> This makes a word italic.


html = web 2.0

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    • Victoria Stephens profile image

      Victoria Stephens 5 years ago from London


      Very useful for the beginner user with HTML. You can't beat getting your head around a bit of code and then seeing the results.

      Best wishes.

    • digiblogger profile image

      digiblogger 9 years ago from Tauranga, New Zealand

      Great Post - I have created a post about how to use hyperlinks on your web page, differences between absolute and relative paths and advanced linking techniques.

      The post can be found here