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Battery Life Tips For Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet

Updated on December 18, 2013

Its Reviews Say - But There is an Easy Fix!

One of the greatest complaints about the Dell Streak 7 is that its battey life is HORRIBLE.

After owning two of these tablets and experimenting with a third, I have some new insight into how to fix this problem.

I've had results that have made the tablet known for four hour max battery life last for nearly nine hours while being used for reading books.

The Dell Streak 7's other limitations like poor viewing angles and a smaller resolution than most young people prefer cannot be solved. They just are. However, I have found in my personal experience that many people 40+ tend to like the resolution of the Dell Streak 7 over other 7 inch tablets that feature higher resolutions.

I have not done any nationwide studies, but this appears to be a reoccurring trend that I as a 28 year old technology fanatic just does not understand.

I've given several people over the age of 40 the choice between a Dell Steak 7 and an HTC Flyer (by personal fav) - every time, the Dell Streak 7 with the lower resolution has won for them.

I do not personally understand it, but it seems to be more than just an isolated preference among my co-workers and family.

The Dell Steak 7 is really inexpensive right now - often under $150 if you look hard enough (try For that price, it is completely worth it.

Now, to the main point of this article - the battery issues.

Max Your Dell Streak 7's Battery Life

The primary problem is that the Dell Streak 7 looks for a cell signal even when you tell it not to do so. This is not too abnormal for tablets intended to be connected to a cell network.

Under normal circumstances, most tablets will not constantly look for cell signals if not connected to a cell plan.

In this case, however, the Dell Streak constantly looks for its cell company and does not turn off. It must be a built in flaw.

Its happened with three tablets - same thing every time.

There is an easy fix.

  • 1st - Shut down WiFi
  • 2nd - Turn on Airplane mode
  • 3rd - Turn WiFi back on

Its really that easy. This will stop your tablet from using most of its battery looking for a cell signal, and it should greatly increase the life of your battery.

If you put it in airplaine mode, the Tablet shuts down the looking for cell tower part completely and usually shuts down WiFi as well.

However, in the case of the Dell Streak, you can still turn on WiFi in airplane mode (another glitch), which saves you TONS of battery since it is no longer searching for the cell towers.

Do not worry about this affecting your speed, whatsoever.

It does not make it slower - in fact, it actually speeds it up because the processor is not looking for cell towers anymore.


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    • danatheteacher profile imageAUTHOR

      Dana Rock 

      5 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Thanks for commenting @Randy. I find that this same strategy works hit or miss on more than a few tablets. You should absolutely get longer battery life.

    • Randy M. profile image

      Randy McLaughlin 

      5 years ago from Liberia, Costa Rica

      This works for my HTC Jetstream which runs Sense/Honeycomb Android! I can turn on the airplane mode and then turn on the WIFI. Thanks for the idea - I have been plagued by "Cannot find SIM" messages since I bought this used. I am only using it with WIFI anyway and don't have plans to use a SIM in it. Perhaps I will get longer battery life too, but the battery lasts a pretty long time usually. I read a lot with it and browse my emails.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I don't think the ability to turn on wifi in airplane mode is a glitch, my G1 and Cliq XT also let me do that.

    • nanospeck profile image

      Akhil Anil 

      6 years ago

      That's outstanding thinking there.. I guess this would work for for all of those low-life android tabs out there.

    • danatheteacher profile imageAUTHOR

      Dana Rock 

      6 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Absolutely - It was only being used to read a book the whole time, but the screen was on. Before, it barely made it three hours.

    • iefox5 profile image


      6 years ago

      9 hours, that is amazingly outstanding performance.


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