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Battery Powered Beeswax Candles Flicker with LED Instead of Flame

Updated on March 13, 2011


A single Beeswax candle can last for over 50,000 hours which is over five years. As you may guess, this is a special Beeswax candle. These modern Beeswax candles give off the same glow and flicker that you get with any other but those operate d by a battery are safer and can be set to come on and go off automatically.

Real Beeswax is used to make battery operated candles so the look and feel is believable. They have the same honey color and scents such as vanilla are available. Sizes range from a couple of inches tall to eight inches tall. Battery powered tapers, votives, pillars and tea lights are available and all last much longer than candles with a wick. A set of four AA batteries powers the small LED light inside the candle producing random flashes that resemble a real fire.

A switch on the bottom turns the candle on and off. Along with the on and off switch there is a timer switch. Burn the Beeswax candle for periods of 4, 6 or 8 hours if you wish – otherwise just switch them off anytime.

What are the advantages of a battery operated Beeswax candle over the wick Beeswax candle?

  • Life of the Beeswax candle is much longer
  • Battery operated Beeswax candles can be used where open flames cannot. Many public buildings such as schools, churches and meeting halls prohibit the use of wick candles.
  • Battery operated Beeswax candles are great for at home use. If they are knocked over – no problem. If they are left burning – no problem. Little fingers are safe.
  • Battery operated Beeswax candles are beautiful accents for parties and weddings. They do not need tending. They will not go out until you want them to.
  • Romantic settings always include candles. The last thing you want to worry about is whether you remember to blow out the candle flames before falling asleep. Battery operated Beeswax candles turn themselves off.
  • Candle light reflects great on you while sitting in a darkened room. The natural flicker from the LED light inside a battery powered Beeswax candle moves the light around just like a lighted wick would.

Whether your style is Traditional, Contemporary, Asian or Country a Beeswax candle is appropriate. It only makes sense to use one that last longer and has the convenience of an automatic timer.


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