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Be Part Of New Innovations - Ep.2 Get This Super Save And Easy-to-use Bike Lock!

Updated on December 7, 2015
Grasp - the fingerprint bike lock
Grasp - the fingerprint bike lock | Source

If you are like me and your innovative ideas never see the light of day, why not become part of new innovations, and support those brave people on kickstarter and elsewhere?

This month I am backing GRASP, an awesome bicycle lock with fingerprint recognition!


What can the fingerprint bike lock do for me?

Have you ever been in the situation that you tried to lock your bike to a somewhat crowded or otherwise hardly accessible bike rack? And when you finally managed to secure it, you return and cannot remember your code or actually lost your lock key? Don't panic! The solution has finally been given to us: the fingerprint lock.

This bike lock not only allows you to forget about your lock code and key, but it also enables you to easily secure your bike anywhere without having to duck under other bikes, or trying to reach that rack from far away.

And the best part: You can add friend's fingerprints, so they can use your bike if necessary! Share a bike with your family!

Meet Grasp - The Fingerprint Bike Lock

I am afraid of fingerprint technology!

We have seen the fingerprint technology slowly invading our personal lives and some people might have their doubts about it making us safer. The guys from GRASP however, have come up with an application that us normal folks can actually happily use for our own good. The only people who can now steal our bike identity are the friends we invited to share our bike with. Isn't that awesome? Sharing our bike without sending keys or codes to friends and loved ones?!

I want GRASP, but I have no interest in Kickstarter

Being part of kickstarter is really not such a big deal as some people might think. You indicate a small amount of money you would like to give to the project you are supporting. If that project has collected its targeted amount of funding, the project goes through and your money is actually deducted from your account. If there are not enough people backing the project and it fails on kickstarter, you won't be charged a penny. Simple. As a thank you for backing their project, the inventors will give you a choice of rewards, often the product you are supporting.

What does that mean for you? Not only have you helped the clever inventors funding their project, but you will be one of the first people holding that new project in your hand, and that at a discount rate!

Of course, you can always wait until the project is eventually on the market. If the funding round fails, though, you can blame your potted plant for having done nothing to support what you actually wanted to buy anyways.


The Kickstarter campaign is over, what do I do?

Don't panic. If this project was successfully funded, you only have to wait for GRASP to hit the market. Why don't you check out their website for updates or write them an email?

If this project failed, the only chance to revive GRASP is by funding the whole thing yourself. Just kidding. Go to Kickstarter and check out other projects worth funding! Browsing innovations can be addictive!

What do you think about a fingerprint bike lock?

GRASP, I ...

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