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Beamz Interactive Music System lets you play laser beams

Updated on March 12, 2010

The first time I saw the Beamz Interactive was on their site, and I couldn’t believe it.  It was this device that could play music by blocking lasers. 

At first I couldn’t believe it, as it reminded me of an instrument that I saw once on Robotech: Macross, an anime series that I got to see again on Hulu.   There was a character named Musica who played a soothing instrument that was essentially a large harp with laser beams for strings.  Different notes were produced with this character crossed the beams in different places. 

The iBeamz is essentially this concept leapt off the anime show, except the beams are placed horizontally and not vertically like the one from Robotech: Macross.  There are only three beams on each side of it, and the beams can be crossed at any point to make a musical tone. 

The musical tone is not an ABCDEFG note, but rather an interesting sound effect.  The iBeamz Interactive comes with 30 different tunes that you can plug in, and when they start playing, the user becomes half-DJ, half musician. 

Of course, it takes a while to set it up, as you have to use three CD Roms.  I found that my computer didn’t recognize the Beamz device itself when I connected to my computer for the first time.  It was only after I connected it and used one of the CD Roms was I able to get it to work. 

From there, the device became active once I activated the Beamz software, and I was able to select from the tunes.  The lasers became active, but they were, for the most part, invisible.  Putting the hand in the lasers produced a musical tone that was unique to the song, as well as the placement on the device.  These six music notes could be changed at the touch of a button on the device, and the rhythm would change at the touch of another button. 

I found that I could have a lot of fun with this, and how easy it was to make a few random sounds into a tune.  The Beamz Interactive had a feature that would allow the user to record his or her tune. 

My kids, who are aged 6 and 7, found this Beamz Interactive a whole lot of fun.  They could probably play on it for hours, just putting their hands in between the lasers. 

You should probably try this out for yourself, so go ahead and head on over to the Beamz Interactive site and lay down $199.95.   There is another model with Studio Software for Musicians and DJs for $299.95. 


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