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Beanbag Friction Mounts for GPS Devices Easy to Install Easy to Remove

Updated on October 18, 2010

Why would you want a Beanbag Dash Mount for your GPS? That is the question that I should have asked myself when I purchased a GPS a few months ago. Since then I am convinced that they are the way to mount a GPS in any vehicle.

No Sticky Residue on the Windshield

Sure, windshield mounts are included in the box when you purchase a GPS. It is designed to fit that particular GPS and it will do a great job sticking it to your windshield. Why pay extra cash to replace what you just bought? There are so many reasons.

Who wants a sticky circle on their windshield?

How many times will you be able to stick – remove – and stick again? Eventually the GPS will fall from your windshield because the adhesive will give up.

Do you want to advertise that you have a GPS hidden inside your car? Out of sight means nothing to someone looking for a possible target.

A Beanbag Dash Mount leaves no sticky residue and will its hold will not wear out.

No Sticky Residue on the Dash

What is worse than a sticky circle on the windshield? That sticky circle on the dash makes you sick each time you see it. Again, the GPS mount should be removed each time you leave your vehicle parked. Again, that sticky residue will tell the bad guys that there is a GPS hidden inside.

Dust is attracted to the sticky residue and will eventually cause the adhesive to give up its hold. You will take a turn a bit too fast and your GPS will fly across the dash.

A Beanbag Dash Mount leaves no residue and will hold your GPS in place even in the tightest turns.

The Law says No to GPS Devices that Block your View

All windshields and dashes are not created equal. Some have more room than others to mount a GPS. The law in many states may forbid you to mount a GPS if it impairs your view in any way.

A Beanbag Dash Mount can be placed in a non-obtrusive area of the dash. It can be placed in multiple positions to improve the viewing of the screen.

Thieves will Steal GPS Devices from Vehicles

Electronic gadgets just beg to be stolen. Even though there are many hiding places – for example, under the seat, in the console or in the glove compartment. It takes time that most of us will not give up to completely hide a GPS. The charging cable, the GPS and the mount must all be tucked away.

A Beanbag Dash Mount speeds up the process of hiding the GPS and its accessories.

All GPS Beanbag Dash Mounts do not fit all GPS Devices

Beanbag Dash Mounts are sometimes designed to be universal but most are designed to fit specific GPS Devices. There are those that fit Garmin, those that fit TomTom and others that fit multiple brands. Most Beanbag Dash Mounts will require that you purchase a separate mount that specifically fits your model GPS.

The additional mounts are designed to fit onto the Beanbag Dash Mount on one end and the GPS device on the other end.


Buying a Beanbag Dash Mount requires careful shopping to be sure that you get the right one. Personally I believe that the ease of use and the convenience they allow are worth the effort.

The GPS mount can be the difference between using your GPS and leaving it home in a drawer.

Personal story – as a passenger I held my GPS on my lap. Since the directions are spoken I only had to glance at the screen periodically. I will buy a Beanbag Dash Mount soon.

However, if I were in the car alone I would not have used the GPS this way. It really needs to be restrained for safety reasons.


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    • jim10 profile image


      9 years ago from ma

      I was planning on getting one of these. Thanks for the info.


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