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Benefits of Spy Pen Video Camera

Updated on November 30, 2013

A Spy Pen as Gift for a 10 year Old!

When my friend asked her 10 year old daughter what she wanted as a gift from her parents on her Birthday, she told her mother that she wanted a Spy Pen Video Camera. Though her mother was surprised and shocked by her demand, after a discussion with her Husband she bought a Spy Pen Video Camera among other gifts for the daughter. The girl’s father also thought that considering the dangers faced by girl children in the society, it is worth buying the gadget for the daughter after taking a promise from her that she would keep the pen safely with her always. When my friend narrated the demand at our Kitty Party most of our friends were in agreement that such a gadget can be helpful.

The times have definitely changed. Gone are the days when little girls demanded Barbie Dolls, Video Games or Dresses. These days the kids have started demanding gadgets like mobile phones and spy cams. My friend’s moment of pride came a week later when the daughter recorded the maid’s misdeeds without her knowing it. The maid was seen stealing groceries from the house. Since both the Parents are working the daughter is left to the mercy of a maid who comes before the parents leave for work and goes only after one parent comes back. This maid’s responsibility included doing all the house work like cooking food, cleaning the dishes and home and washing clothes apart from bringing the girl back from school and giving her food. Though the maid was well paid and taken good care of it was shocking to know that she was stealing from her employers.

Spy Pen Video Camera
Spy Pen Video Camera

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Benefits of having a Spy Pen Video Camera

A Spy Cam Pen is a portable and convenient spy device which can do video recording even on the move. The Spy Camera Pen is a stylish ballpoint pen and can be used as a regular pen. These pens come in different capacities and features and some of these pens can store up to 15 hours recording and rechargeable batteries. Spy camera pens come with built-in memory ranging from 2GB to 32GB as of now. The hidden pinhole camera is situated above the pen clip and a microphone is hidden under the pen clip. This feature makes this device ideal to be kept in the shirt pocket record and record voice and video clips in front of you in full color and that too undetected. This pen has a USB Connecter which can be used to connect this device to your computer and download the footage.

There are many benefits or advantages of buying this interesting gadget. Though I am not much in favor of handling spy pens to kids I think that they are great for surveillance or just having some fun. A spy pen video Camera can record high resolution full color photos and video secretly without anyone noticing it through the hidden pinhole camera. Whether you are a Journalist or college student or an aspiring detective this spy pen can be of use to you. You do not have to be an expert to handle a spy pen cam as it offers one touch video recording. Given are some applications or uses of a Spy Pen Video Camera.

  • Spy on Maids Behavior
  • Spy your Childs activities
  • Record Eve teasers
  • Record events or news
  • Record classroom lectures
  • Take still Photographs
  • Record an interesting conversation
  • Spy on someone who is involved in illegal activities
  • Record the Boss advances to you

What is more is that this device looks stylish and normally comes with the standard accessories like Micro SD Card, Pen Drive and is backed by the Sellers Warranty. What makes them worth buying is that they are not too costly. You can get a spy cam for anything in between 30 to a 100 Dollars. I was impressed by the features and bought a Spy Pen Video Camera for myself. Now nothing needs to go without being noticed to me! What about you?

Other Spy Gadgets

Some other spy Gadgets with Camera which can be an alternative to Spy Camera Pen are Spy Sunglasses, Spy Key chain camera and Spy watch.


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