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The Bedini Motor Generator

Updated on August 24, 2014

Alternate Energy

John Bedini: Doing the Impossible?

The Bedini Motor Generator is the invention of electrical engineer, John Bedini. Bedini’s initial claim to fame stemmed from patented devices in audio technologies. More currently, Bedini became known as an inventor and theorist in the realm of alternate energy. Among other efforts, the engineer has designed and patented perpetual motion machines or free energy devices. Although a man of science, Bedini reports that his machines defy the laws of physics and energy conservation. In theory, these machines are impossible.

History of the Bedini Motor Generator

Bedini has patented several motor generator devices including the Monopole Energizer and the SSG. The two machines are similar, but have minor differences. However, the function of both is to charge a capacitor or battery. The name Bedini Motor Generator is used generically, sometimes referring to the inventor’s first motor and sometimes used to refer to all of his motors.

Bedini is far from being the only person working on perpetual motion machines or magnetic motors. However, many consider him to be one-of-a-kind, in that unlike many other inventors working in this area, Bellini has striven to demonstrate and validate his inventions to the public.

Video Demonstrations of the Bellini Motor

Currently, Bellini is the Vice President of R&D at, a company that has developed core technologies for electromagnetic hybrid motor/generator, and for a new methodology for an improved charging process. His web site publishes apparently valid photographs and video demonstrations of the motors.

One video in particular displays a Bellini Motor Generator that allegedly has been running on one battery for fifteen years. In another video, we see a motor designed by a young lad of ten years. (The boy had communicated with Bellini whilst he built this project). The youth’s motor ran non-stop for five days powered by a nine volt battery.

A visit to YouTube will reveal numerous video demonstrations that have been built by amateur hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Bellini Motor DIY Guides

As near as one can tell, the purpose for publicizing these hand-built generators is not commercial. Instead, the inventors appear to want to prove that the controversial magnet motors actually work, and to show others how to make their own versions of the Bellini Motor Generator. The circuit diagrams and plans are readily and freely available on many Internet sites.

Supposedly tried and tested DIY plans and guides for building a free energy magnetic motor are also available. Some claim to be powering their homes with the free energy.

Scam or viable? What's your take?

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    • profile image

      Derrick 6 years ago

      whoops, meant to address Fritz... Sorry Dakota, I was thinking about your response and accidentally typed your name.

    • profile image

      Derrick 6 years ago


      Overunity or COP greater than 1.0 is natural law. We do not live on the level of a closed system but an open one, which is by definition not subject to classical thermodynamics, or ANY classical energy models(they only describe a vary limited number of energy interactions)which only describe one part of the system. As with nonlinear optics energy of an electrical nature also receives energy from interactions with the virtual vacuum. In the grand scheme of universal energy, all devices that produce more power than they consume are merely consuming power from the unobservable universe(by which I mean space/time and quantum energy interactions). They may appear to be "perpetual motion machines" but that is a misunderstanding due to a worldview which does not take into account the workings of the universe. This energy, which goes by different names in different disciplines(space/time, quantum flux, zero point energy, dirac sea, etc.) is a part of the same system we are in- it literally powers the observable universe. However, because it is non-observable it is rarely accounted for in circuit design. Just because EE's are taught to symmetrically re-gauge circuits(and thus artificially create a closed system) does not mean nature is apt to do the same thing. If overunity is impossible then we as human beings do not exist and it is impossible for us to exist. Our cells are operating at a voltage of a static charge 30-300v(which is not static in the sense of "non moving charge" but in the sense that all energy is continually in, it only appears to be static but is in fact in constant flux), where does that energy come from? It comes from interactions with the massless universe, which is made up of a literal sea of electromagentic waves.

      If you were to do the math on all the food, water, gases and man made EM fields we interact with on a daily basis, it would not equal enough energy for every cell in our body(estimates vary from 1trillion-50trillion cells) to maintain a voltage of 30-300v at (amps vary usually .006amps but it varys according to it's role in the body)and only waste 200-300watts on average. So, where does that energy come from? From interactions on the quantum and local, regional, space/time level; with the unobservable universe. Which, time and again, is mathematically erased in our energy and circuit design models. And then there is "negative" energy which literally is the opposite of the electricity we use today, which is also present in the universe and which can be used to power devices as well, however that is a separate issue. What Bedini and others like him are doing is deconstructing a 150+ year old model of how the universe works. And designing devices according to what we now know the universe is like. Stop thinking like a Victorian scientist and embrace modern physics... it's there that you will find reality.

    • waterwizard profile image

      waterwizard 7 years ago from New Westminster, BC

      You know, its funny, but is it really impossible? I don't think so. Its hard to make work, no doubt, and really the only possible way to do so is to remove the outside forces involved in the entropic effect. "perpetual motion" by definition isn't possible, but in realty, it IS possible to make machines that work *on their own energy* for a relatively LONG time. Bedini was on to something.

    • profile image

      Dakota 7 years ago

      perpetual motion is not impossible, it is only your thoughts that make it that way to you, this is a continuouse moition whitch has been done, you are wrong

    • profile image

      Fritz 7 years ago

      The Bedini device is not an over unity or perpetual motion device as they are impossible.

    • profile image

      kashif sadiq gill 7 years ago

      bedini ideas are wounderfull for poor peoples like me who wnts energy but free of coast.