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Be.ez LE vertigo Laptop Bag has Waterproof Layer

Updated on March 8, 2011

The Be.ez Le vertigo laptop bag is waterproof. That is enough to set it apart from most other laptop bags. Other than that it is thin and hangs vertical as you carry it. It has a functional design with a padded laptop pocket as well as other small pockets that fit iPods, cell phones and MP3 players. This is not the bag that carries all of your goodies at once but it does a good job of carrying the gadgets that you need at a moment’s notice.

How Water Proof is the Be.ez LE vertigo Laptop Bag

The Be.ez (Be easy) Laptop Bag has a rainproof nylon exterior and the inside zipper is waterproof as well. The fold over top flap is designed in such a way to keep rain from penetrating to the inside. You can see that when the bag is opened there are wing like sides that tuck to the inside as the bag is closed. Those wing-like sides do not allow rain to run to the inside of the bag.

What makes the Be.ez LE vertigo Laptop Bag Stylish

The outside of the bag is made from a smooth nylon fabric. Multiple color combinations are available such as gray/white/aqua, black/orange, gray, black, and kakee. The vertical design is clean and non-fussy. It looks as good for women as it does for men.

The shoulder strap is made of high-grade nylon webbing which looks much like seatbelt webbing. It is attached to the Be.ez Le vertigo Laptop Bag with metal hardware that is simple yet sturdy.  

What makes the Be.ez LE vertigo Laptop Bag Functional

The Be.ez LE vertigo Laptop Bag is carried across the shoulder so you have both hands free for other things. It lays flat against the body so it hugs instead of poking out in all of the wrong places. Think about walking down the bus aisle or between desks at school. If you have more than one bag to carry this one has minimal obstruction.

It is made of lightweight rain proof yet durable fabric. The weight of the bag does not compete with the contents.

The padded computer sleeve protects a laptop without the need for an added laptop sleeve. Without the need for a laptop sleeve you have less expense and less overall weight.

The pockets inside of the Be.ez LE vertigo Laptop Bag is large enough and separated enough for multiple gadget, notebooks or files. There are multiple pockets in various sizes to organize electronic gadgets. 


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    • tommyur profile image

      tommyur 7 years ago

      Awesome laptop bag!I personally have a Be.ez sleeve. very useful post,thank you.