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Belkin Grip 360 iPad Case - 2 Quick Release Disks - One handle that Rotates 360 Degrees and a 3 Position Kickstand

Updated on March 31, 2011

Some iPads have to earn their keep. Their jobs are tough and they have to multitask throughout the day without even a thought of letting their human counterpart down. The Belkin Grip 360 iPad Case can keep up even when the going gets tough and look good at the same time. It is not a cute iPad case but it is versatile and organized. The iPad is securely held inside of a shell case made of a tough polycarbonate material that will not easily slip from your hands. Two different grips can be interchanged according to the need at any given moment.

The star feature of the Belkin Grip 360 iPad Case is found on the backside. Two different grips can be interchanged by simply twisting the quick-release disks.


One disk offers a secure grip via a neoprene strap that can accommodate small or large hands. The iPad can be rotated 360 degrees (hence the name) without removing or reattaching the iPad. Portrait or landscape views – whichever one is appropriate at the moment - can be dialed up.

The second disk provides a uniquely designed handle that can double as an iPad kickstand. Typing mode, portrait mode, landscape mode or ergonomic handle can all be accomplished by one disk.

This Belkin 360 case is a versatile. Its multiple uses make it a work horse and it can be used with or without either disk. Workers in the field can feel confident that their iPad will not easily be damaged. Indoor workers will appreciate the ease of one handed computing. After all – we don’t all work in a comfortable office. A desk could be a truck seat, a fence post even a large boulder. Fast pace work does not allow for wimpy equipment.  Black is the standard color.


I can see this case being versatile enough to use anywhere. Moms and dads can catch up on emails while waiting in the stands while the kids play sports, to keep the kids entertained while sitting in a doctor’s waiting room or even while playing games while lying in bed. Keeping a secure grip on your iPad is good regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

There are no extra pieces to purchase after the initial investment. You will receive the iPad case, the multiple view iPad stand disk and the neoprene hand strap disk. There is a limited one year warrant included as well. This Belkin Grip 360 iPad Case fits the 1st Generation iPad.



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