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Benefits of Using HTML5, AJAX, and JavaScript

Updated on October 15, 2014

Creating a website has never been so much fun, if you don't already have a website of your own, its about time you start thinking of one. If you are a web developer or designer, you need to familiarize yourself with HTML5, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS3, jQuery, and flash, as these will be needed to build a quality web site. However, If you are not a developer all you need is to hire a good web development company, but even for these people learning the basics of web development will create a lot of interest into web designing and how website is made?

In recent years web design and development has changed rapidly, making the life of designers and developers even more difficult. Few years ago a designer only had two options really, either to go with flash in order to create an interactive and dynamic site, or just keep things simple and static.

The trends in website design and development has changed due to increase in smartphones usage in past few years. The higher internet speeds due to the arrival of 3G and 4G has also played its part.

So the question is being a web designer which technology would you prefer? Will it be HTML5, Ajax, or JavaScript? Or is it going to be a combination of these technologies?

In this article, I will try to highlight some of the features of HTML, Ajax, and JavaScript and we will also look at their benefits as well. But first I will analyze these technologies individually and find out who should be using them.

What is HTML5?

Html5 is the latest release of html (hypertext markup language), which is the key ingredient for building websites. Although most of the features included in html5 match with those of html4 but still there are some considerable changes.

For front-end web developers learning html5 is going to be crucial. If you are a developer then most probably you will be familiar with HTML already, however there are lot of new additions and changes in HTML5 that they will have to be familiar with. However, up till now, not every browsers is fully compatible with it.

Features and Benefits of Html5?

  • Built-in video and audio playback

Previously, web developer used third-part software to play audio and video. These may include QuickTime, Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, or any other similar program. Due to errors, this technique was considered messy for playing media over the web. This problem has been solved by html5, which provides complete support for audio and video.

Example of video playback in HTML5:

<video poster="my_video.jpg" controls>

<source src=”my_video.ogg" type="video/ogg">

<source src="my_video.mp4" type="video/mp4">

Message: browser do not support the <code>video</code> element.


In the above code you can see that there are two video sources available for the browser with extension .ogg and .mp4 file. The browser will check the first file with ogg extension. If this is not a supported format then the browser will skip the file and move on to the next file with .mp4 extension.

  • Offline caching

What is meant by offline caching? With offline caching, users can access some contents of the webpage even if they don’t have internet access. This can only happen if user has previously visited that webpage. With HTML5, you can make use of offline browsing. If you attempt to open a page without internet, you will still be able to load it, but only the core elements of that page. Web developer will be able to define which components a visitor can save.

  • Cleaner code

Html has long been labeled as having messy code. If the code is not carefully designed, making even the slightest of changes can become a huge problem for the developer. This problem has been targeted in HTML5, so that things can become easier for the developers. HTML5 also improves search engine readability, meaning the website content will be more easily understood by the search engines and helps improve website ranking.

  • Browser cross-compatibility

Browser cross-compatibility is one of the major advantages of HTML5. All the popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer support HTML5. It doesn’t mean that all the elements of HTML5 will be supported by these browsers but at least they can read the doctype.

  • Mobile optimization

Another advantage is that HTML5 is completely optimized for mobile applications and websites. It is also easy to build responsive websites using html5, while providing complete functionality for all devices. As there is no need for horizontal scrolling using mobiles, browsing becomes much more effective.

What is AJAX?

No one can deny the role Ajax has played in web development, today it has become an integral part of every website. You can find many popular online brands that are using Ajax in their web application development without any problem. The reason is simple, it gives you much better interactivity due to the fact that with Ajax, you no longer need to reload a page on a website with dynamic content.

Some of these advantages are discussed in more detail below.

Features and Benefits of AJAX?

  • Better interactivity

Main reason why most web developers are using Ajax for their websites is due to the fact that it offers much better interactivity as compared to other technologies. It offers quicker and much easier user-website interaction because there is no need to reload the content that you want to display.

  • Easier navigation

Another advantage of using Ajax is that it allows much easier navigation to users, if you compare it with the traditional navigation in the form of back and forward buttons on browser.

  • Compact

Ajax has the ability that it can handle multi-purpose applications using a single web page, while avoiding clutter with other webpages.

  • Backed by famous brands

Ajax is a popular choice among several complex web applications. One such example is Google Maps, which is a very impressive and commonly used web application. Vbulletin forum software is another example that uses Ajax.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is considered to be one of the most versatile, simple, and effective languages that extends website’s functionality.

Developers sometimes take JavaScript language for granted, and don’t spend too much time learning it. What they feel about JavaScript is that it looks much like other back-end languages like C++, C#, or Java. JavaScript is much more dynamic and functional language then what a common perception about it.

Let’s find out what benefits it brings to the website.

Features and Benefits of JavaScript?

  • It is extended to the client side

JavaScript code is executed on the client side, as a result the server has far less load and fewer bandwidth to worry about.

  • Relatively easy language

JavaScript is a very easy language to learn because it is very close to English language. Its DOM model offers a lot of prewritten functionality that helps various objects to breeze past coding portion of a script.

  • Fast to the end user

Due to the fact that JavaScript is not run on the server side, instead all of its code is run on the client’s computer. Its speed is usually very fast. Most tasks that are performed in JavaScript are usually simple to prevent memory hog.

  • Extended functionality to the web pages

If you want to include a specific feature on a website, it is possible to write is yourself in the form of an add-on. This add-on can then be implemented on a web page.


Today, web developers are using a combination of Ajax with JavaScript on an HTML5 page. With more new technologies coming in, it will be interesting to see what changes take place in the future. We have already seen the demise of Flash, which was very popular just few years ago. Let’s see if the same thing happens to AJAX, JavaScript or HTML5.

Web site development companies are especially focusing of the latest trends of web designing languages and tools. Anyone who wants to build a professional quality website, needs to hire a web development company with excellent reputation.

What is your favorite web design and development language?

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