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Benefits of the iPad 3

Updated on March 29, 2013

Benefits of the iPad

Apple iPad hit the market with a great bang. This 8 by 10 inch touch screen tablet combines the features of a gaming console, laptop, iPod and smart phone. Currently, there are two editions of the iPad - the wireless with 3G and the wireless version. It also comes in capacities of 64, 32 and 16 gigabytes and has lots of benefits irrespective of the storage capacity.

1. Simplicity and Portability

Lightweight at 1.5 pounds, the iPad is only 0. 5 inches thick. It is thus relatively easy to transport. The extended battery life can go up to 10 hours meaning you can also use it on long airplane trips.

Those who have every held an iPad on their hands know how easy it is to use especially if they have previously used the iPad or iPhone. This is because it has the same function and form. Anyway, even if you have never used previous Apple devices, you will still be able to master the Apple iPad.

2. Design

Another amazing thing to note about the Apple iPad is that it has a high resolution backlit screen. This makes it perfect for viewing pictures, browsing the internet, playing games and watching movies.

It makes use of IPS (in plane switching) in the display technology meaning that you will be able to take great photos at all angles. This technology can also be used to view apps vertically and horizontally.

3. Multitouch Screen

Based on the specs of the iPhone, you can adjust the screen on the iPad for brightness. The multitouch and highly responsive screen can also detect ambient light on its own. Therefore, it will adjust the contrast and brightness for better viewing.

The Apple iPad display has been designed for touching using an oleophobic coating that is fingerprint- resistant. Therefore, you have to use your fingers in control all navigations (depending on the tasks), 1 or 2 fingers to pinch, drag, swipe and tap. This means that you don't need a stylus to navigate through the Apple iPad.

3. Apps

Apps are at the core of the Apple iPad. Seeing as how there are so many apps you can choose from, it follows that the iPad has been designed to meet almost all user needs. You will, however, have to create your own iTunes account to visit the App Store. This is because all app purchases for free and fee- based apps have to pass through iTunes.

With the Apple iPad, apps are everything. They run book readers, news, games, business and so much more. GPS apps will also use your location to give you local info from your iPad. For instance, you can download apps for local news, weather restaurants and even the nearest pizza restaurant.

4. iOS 4.2

After iOS 4.2 was released, the Apple iPad gained some more benefits. Application folders make organization possible. The Home button can also be double- tapped to summon the Dock that allows you to view the apps you use most frequently, control volume and lock your screen either into the vertical or horizontal view. Multitasking will also allow you to run more than one application at once.

Further iPad Improvements

Overall, even though the Apple iPad has so many useful features, you can get more add- ons to enhance your device. For instance, although the built- in keyboard is good, you can get an external iPad keyboard for faster typing. VGA adapters can also be used to connect your iPad to projectors in case you wish to use a larger display.


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