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Benefits to Caller ID Spoofing

Updated on August 7, 2013

About Caller ID Spoofing

There has been a lot of information written about caller ID spoofing as well as news stories broad casted about the topic. Most of the stories surrounding caller ID spoofing are negative or controversial. This is because caller ID spoofing is somewhat of a controversial subject.

Caller ID Spoofing, also known as call display spoofing, is the act of changing the telephone number that appears on an individual's caller identification unit or call display. Instead of displaying a real telephone number, or having it appear as "Private", a caller can manipulate the number to display any number they choose.

Although it's relatively unknown, the service has been around for years. Celebrities have been known to use caller ID spoofing as well as law enforcement. The technology is even used in major motion pictures to have realistic-looking telephone numbers appears on character's call displays.

Caller ID spoofing is an excellent way to maintain your privacy when making phone calls. When calling people you don't know, such as when responding to ads or returning calls from messages you received, you can keep your number safe without having to block it. A lot of individuals will not answer calls from blocked or private numbers. Even when calling people you are familiar with it can be a great tool for maintaining your privacy in the case that the person whom you are calling ever loses their telephone with your number on it.

Despite the benefits to caller ID spoofing, some individuals have been alleged to have used it for malicious purposes. News stories have commented on individuals using the service to make anonymous bomb threats and other threatening and malicious calls. Whether these stories are true or not they seem to be very far and few between. In some ways, the stories seem to be scare tactics as laws have been proposed to stop the caller ID spoofing service.

Most caller ID spoofing providers claim that they cooperate with law enforcement and have safe guards in place to prevent fraudulent or malicious use of their services. Time will tell what laws will come into effect in the future. As it stands, most people seem to agree that the benefits to this service far out way any possible side effects.

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Caller ID Spoofing Providers

There are a few caller ID spoofing providers but not many.

Two of the more reputable ones are: SpoofTel and CovertCalling

SpoofTel has been around the longest out of all the caller ID spoofing sites available to the public. Both SpoofTel and Covert Calling are great sites with similar features and prices. These are also the least expensive of the caller ID spoofing providers.

Free Caller ID spoofing trial - test a few calls, change your voice, and have fun.

Some providers charge by the minute and some charge monthly fees in addition to per minute fees. Some providers also have additional services.

Additional Features with Caller ID Spoofing

Some caller ID spoofing providers have additional features like recording your telephone call, changing your voice, spoofing text messages, voice conferencing and more.

If you wanted to keep your phone call totally private you could fake or change your call display number and change your voice at the same time.

If you needed or wanted to keep a record of your call you can choose to record it.

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