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Best 12 Funny Android Apps 2013

Updated on July 18, 2013
Funny Android Bug
Funny Android Bug

Funny and Humorous Android Apps

The Google Play Store is now full of thousands of Android apps. There are different types of apps for your android device- games, online apps, social network etc. It is difficult to separate the good and useful apps from the rest. If you are searching for some funny android apps for your smartphone then here is a list composed for you.

These apps are for some fun. These will bring smile on your face. These apps are ideal for being relieved from stress. Some of these apps are well known and some are relatively unknown. Most of these Android apps are free. They are addictive and some of them will compel you to laugh.

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1. Talking Tom Cat

Price: Free

Talking Tom Cat features Tom a funny but intelligent cat. He will hear you and repeat your speech in a funny voice. Talking Tom Cat is very popular among the Android users. Like the Angry Birds, it has become synonymous to any mobile apps.

The popularity of this game has generated numerous similar repeater apps.

A Funny Android Game "Take Me Home"
A Funny Android Game "Take Me Home"

2. Go-Go-Goat!

Price: Free

Here is a funny looking mountain goat. We all know that mountain goats are very athletic animal. This goat is no exception. The graphics is hand drawn and looks cool. This is a platform jumping game. Your objective is to go to the top.

3. The Moron Test

Price: Free

Check out that if you are a moron or not. This app is a fun. It is a brain teaser. The game will present funny puzzles for you. Graduate from a moron to a genius by solving various problems.

4. Plant vs Zombies

Here are funny looking undead Zombies attacking your house to devour you. You shall have to defend yourself with some deadly plants against them. There are peashooters and cherry bombers to finish the Zombies off. There are only 49 plants and so strategy is important for survival. Plant vs Zombie is still one of the best tower defense game in the Google Play store.

5. Where’s My Water

Price: $0.99

Where is My Water is a game made by Disney. That is why this game has attracted a lot of attention from the beginning. The game lives up to the hype. It was selected as the game of the year by various Gaming and technical sites.

It is a physics based puzzle game. The central characters of this game are two cute crocodiles: the friendly Swampy and tough Cranky. The game is very fluid and fun to play.

Though the game is not free, but for a little fee of $0.99, it offers the best bang for your buck.

Android Game "Funny Camera"
Android Game "Funny Camera"

6. Funny Camera

This app will allow you to snap photos and use funny frames on these. There are more than 80 such photo frames. If you are a camera freak then this will give you some moments of real fun. This is a free app.

7. Funny Sound Effects

As the name implied this application has some good collection of really funny sound effects. You can use those effects as ring tones of your phone.

8. Fun Run

A online real time multiplayer game. You shall be challenged by other online players or your friends to run a wild race. All of you have funny, furry animal avatars. Surely, this game is a hit.

9. Angry Piggy

Even the pigs can be angry. They are no longer hit takers. They can also move now. Angry Piggy is a innovative physics based puzzle type game made by the makers of "Angry Bird", Rovio.

10. Greedy Spiders

Greedy Spiders is an Android game in which you have to stop the greedy spiders who wants devour your neighbors!

11. Cut the Rope

This game has gained some reputation. You have to feed a cute little thing named "Om Nam". You have to cut the ropes in various angles and timings to drop the candy into his mouth. A very addictive physics puzzler game.

12. FatBooth

FatBooth will make your face fatty. You can see how hilarious you looked in your fatty avatar. Try it for some hours of pure fun.


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    • androidfan profile image

      Rajesh Bhuin 4 years ago from India

      I love Talking Tom Cat. It is really funny and amusing.

    • pinappu profile image

      pinappu 4 years ago from India

      Thank you Lightshare for your kind comment.

    • Lightshare profile image

      Lightshare 5 years ago

      -) really interesting, technology rocks!