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Best ASUS Netbook 2015

Updated on December 19, 2014

Laptops are great, but many find them too bulky to carry around. With smaller more powerful computer components netbooks have been introduced to address this problem. As the name suggests netbooks are designed to let you go online. They can handle most applications, but they aren't powerful enough to process graphic intensive games.

ASUS make many products, but they are best known for their netbooks. They basically invented netbooks and have held the dominant market share, for the last few years.

In best ASUS netbook 2015 I will review ASUS's newest and best netbook.

Top ASUS netbook 2015
Top ASUS netbook 2015
Slim ASUS netbook of 2015
Slim ASUS netbook of 2015

The Eee PC can run for 13 hours without use or 7 to 10 hours of normal use. To fully charge the battery takes less than 120 minutes. This is comparatively long. The Eee PC 1015 comes enclosed in a matte-finished shell. The shell doesn't reflect light and is scratch resistant. Intel makes a line of CPUs specifically for netbooks, the Intel Atom CPUs. These chips need to be small, fast and energy efficient. The Eee PC 1015 uses the newest N475 processor.

This netbook uses a 92 percent full sized chiclet keyboard, multi-touch trackpad and conveniently programmed hotkeys allowing instant commands to the processor that enables options like running faster for superior performance or reducing of speed to save battery life. The whole netbook layout is pretty ergonomic. I have had problems with netbooks in the past because I have "large" fingers. I found the 1015 interface to be comfortable though.

A 250GB hard drive and ASUS WebStorage afford you the ability to store, share, and access prominent data without effort adding to this an additional 500 GB ASUS free WebStorage on a secure database.

Don’t you hate it when data is lost? The Eee PC 1015 recovers data restoring original factory settings and reinstalling files by pressing F9 three times. Dorothy would be envious. Of course the ASUS WebStorage allows easy data back-up having you comfortably carry on where you left off.

More frequent hard drive access allows for smooth running even with just 1GB RAM. ASUS guarantees compatibility with the Crucial Memory Advisor tool. The touch pad may be a bit sensitive to users so an installation of the latest ELAN and Synaptics TouchPad drivers may be advisable, allowing changes to the Palm Tracking Settings to being less sensitive.

I experienced a slight heat increase after around 5 hours of usage and perhaps battery charging. The battery meter is reasonably accurate fluctuating with around 10/20 minutes.

Keypad on the netbook
Keypad on the netbook

The netbook's speakers have decent sound levels and quality. The webcam’s shutter function allows you to turn the webcam off and on without login off.

The netbook comes with Windows 7 Starter which has its limitations. This OS is standard for netbooks because it's less resource hungry than the normal Windows 7. You can upgrade the OS easily with the ‘Windows Anytime Upgrade’ provided in the package. The webcam is slightly limited with its 0.3 mega pixels. Annoying product stickers could be removed without any hassle. There are a plethora of handy secondary shortcuts that may be convenient but isn’t explained properly in the manual – not saying one cannot figure them out quickly.

User experiences with ASUS’s support service has been mixed. The netbook comes with a 1 year warranty.

Case Logic LNEO-10 Ultraportable Neoprene Netbook Sleeve

If you are getting a netbook, consider getting this Neoprene case to carry it in. It will fit your ASUS netbook and it has a compartment that will carry your AC adapter and a mouse.

The handles on this case are quite nice. They are comfortable to use and easy to fold out of the way, when you aren't using them.

I hope you found best ASUS netbook 2015 handy. You might also like to read Best In-ear Headphones 2015 and Best Wireless Printers 2015.


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