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Buy The Best LCD Monitor Wall Mounts :: Articulating Wall Mounts for LCD Monitor or TV

Updated on January 16, 2012

The Best Articulating Wall Mounts for Your LCD TV or Monitor

I recently purchased a beautiful new Widescreen LCD Computer Monitor for my home office, and I decided that I should also get an LCD Monitor Wall Mount so that I could mount the monitor on the wall in front of my desk.

My home office is set up with the desk facing the wall, and I realized that I could recover a surprising amount of desktop space by mounting my LCD monitor on the wall! My big-screen HDTV is already mounted on the wall in the living room, so why not do the same for the LCD monitor in my home office?

During my search for the best LCD Monitor Wall Mount, I discovered that the same wall mounts can be used for a computer monitor or a TV - all major manufacturers of LCD TVs and Monitors follow the "VESA Standard", so these LCD wall mounts are versatile enough to work with either a TV or a monitor.

Buy LCD Monitor Wall Mounts Online

Types of LCD Wall Mounts

There are basically two types of wall mounts available - "hinge" type mounts, and articulating arm wall mounts.

  • The hinge-type mounts allow you to tilt the monitor up and down, but that is the extent of their range of motion.
  • The articulating wall mount design allows you to adjust the angle up and down, but also left and right, and with some articulating LCD monitor wall mounts, you can even adjust the rotation of the monitor!

I researched the articulating wall mounts for LCD monitors available on, and I narrowed my choices to down these five items. I'll give you the specifics of each one, and at the end I'll show you the one that I decided to buy to mount my LCD monitor on the wall of my home office!

LCD Wall Mount Tips

  • Wall Mount Compatibility. Always check to make sure that the Wall Mount you decide to buy will work with your exact monitor or TV. The user's manual should indicate what type of wall mounts are compatible with your product, and you need to make sure that you are buying the right type of wall mount, since there are some variations in design.
  • Where will you be mounting your LCD monitor? Some wall mount kits come with hardware specifically for wood-beam walls, so if you want to mount yours to a metal-stud or concrete wall you may need to buy additional hardware. All of the LCD monitor wall mounts listed here attach to a single point on the wall, but there are some models available that require two mounting points, so keep that in mind when choosing the right wall mount for your needs.
  • LCD Monitor Wall Mount Hardware/Assembly. Most wall mount kits come with all of the hardware required, but some do not! Some also require assembly before being mounted to the wall, so carefully read the description of each wall mount before you buy it.
  • What is VESA? The "Video Electronics Standards Association" is a non-profit organization that defines the standards which manufacturers follow in order to ensure compatibility between products. There are a variety of VESA standards for LCD Wall Mounts - "VESA 75", "VESA 100", "VESA 200" and so on. These simply indicate the distance between the screw-holes on both the monitor and the mounting bracket - either 75mm x 75 mm, 100mm x 100 mm, 200mm x 200mm, etc . Check your TV or monitor's user's manual to see which version your monitor uses.

How To Wall Mount LCD Monitor or TV

Peerless SAL730P Articulating LCD Wall Mount

This sleek black LCD wall mount fits most TVs and monitors from 10 to 22 inches. It uses a VESA 75/100 mounting plate and can extend almost 19 inches from the wall. It hides the cabling inside a cable management system, and it comes pre-assembled and ready to mount to wood-beam or concrete walls. It has 35 degrees of tilt and 180 degrees of swivel - it can even twist another 90 degrees to reach around a corner or a cabinet!

VideoSecu Articulating TV Wall Mount

This LCD monitor wall mount is very affordable, and it is compatible with most monitors up to 27 inches. It has limited adjustability and does not have internal cable management channels, but if all you need is a basic mount that doesn't require a wide range of movement, then thi8s model might fit the bill! It comes pre-assembled and includes all hardware for VESA 75/100 installation.

VideoSecu Tilting LCD Monitor Wall Mount

This LCD monitor wall mount is similar to the prior one, but accepts larger monitors and TVs with VESA 100 and VESA 200 mounting plates. It also lacks internal cable routing, but it has up to 20 inches of extension from the wall, 180 degrees of swivel and 15 degrees of tilt, with adjustable tension settings. It is compatible with most monitors and TVs up to 42 inches, depending on weight.

OmniMount Articulating Display Wall Mount

This VESA 75/100 LCD Wall Mount kit is compatible with most monitors up to 26 inches. It can extend about 12 inches from the wall and has 180 degrees of swivel and 25 degrees of tilt. There is no internal cable routing to hide the cables, and it comes pre-assembled with a complete hardware kit.

Best Choice: Peerless SA730P-S Articulating LCD Monitor Wall Mount

This silver articulating LCD wall mount rests almost flat against the wall, and it has a place to store the cables going into an LCD TV or monitor so everything stays neatly stowed. You can tilt this wall mount 35 degrees, it has 180 degrees of swivel, and you can extend the arm up to 15 inches from the wall, so it is highly adjustable. It fits monitors from 10 to 22 inches across, and you can even tighten the bolts to make sure that the arm doesn't move once you set it to the desired position!

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