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Best Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones 2017

Updated on March 26, 2017

First Things First

First off let me emphasize a couple things - this article is about specifically wireless bluetooth earbuds, NOT over/on ear headphones. Also, I am not compensated at all for writing this article, I just want to help others out by not having to purchase and return 5 pairs of earbuds before finding the ones you like.

Where I Come From

I wanted a specific kind of headphones for a few reasons. I wanted wireless because I hate dealing with wires, especially since it can get snagged and rip your headphones off your head. I work out at a gym several days a week and this can get pretty annoying.

I also wanted earbuds instead of over the head headphones because I use Rogaine in my hair and you can't touch your head for 4 hours after you put it in (which is twice a day). Yeah, it sucks. So with my older headphones I couldn't go to the gym for 4 hours after I put in Rogaine. I know this isn't an issue for most people, just thought I'd let you know why I was looking for what I was looking for.

That's why I wanted wireless earbuds as opposed to wired headphones. Not to mention earbuds are usually significantly less expensive.

Jaybird X3 Wireless In-Ear Earbuds

Behold, the greatest headphones on Earth. Before I bought these I was looking at headphones at Best Buy after returning my Beats Powerbeats2 earbuds which sucked. As I was looking at other headphones a Best Buy employee came to ask me if he could help at all, I didn't think he could, but I briefly told him what I was wanting out of some headphones and he strongly suggested the Jaybird X3's. He told me their sound was excellent and they have earplug-type tips that help the earbuds stay in your ear and create sound isolation.

I was stoked. I did a little more research then bought some at Best Buy a couple days later. They were everything I dreamed of. They stay in my ears, have long battery life, look nice, have great sound, and cost less than most!


As if everything I've already said wasn't enough, these headphones also come with an app you can download to customize your sound even more! They also offer 8 hours of battery life, are sweatproof, come with several tips to fit anyone's ear, and have a clip to shorten the cord length.

Why weren't Beats good enough?

Other earbuds have a lot of the same problems that only Jaybird has addressed and fixed. A lot of earbuds come with the hook that goes up over the ear to help keep them on the ear, but this thing also dramatically reduces the sound quality as it prevents the speaker from going into your ear. It pretty much keeps it pulled out so it has the sound quality of a tiny speaker being just right outside your ear.

If they don't have that hook over your ear, then most earbuds fall out easily because there isn't much holding them in. As I mentioned already, the Jaybirds fixed this problem by using earplug material that you squeeze then stick in your ear so it expands and stays in there.

And finally, a lot of wireless earbuds have a big bar that wraps around your neck which can bounce around and be annoying if you run or move a lot.

Do You Agree?

What are your favorite Bluetooth Earbuds?

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