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Best CPU Processors For Battlefield 4 (BF 4)-Processor for Maxout Gameplay.

Updated on June 5, 2014

Battlefield is the most played First person shooter gaming series in the world played all over the world.Battlefield 4 is the most recent game released from the series of Battlefield and has record sales after it's release.It is a sequel to Battlefield 3.Although this game was released on October 29,2013,this game is still having very good sales in the gaming market.This game has been released for Microsoft Windows,XBOX,XBOX one,Play station 3 and Play station 4.

It has great reviews from the game critics because of it's high graphics and it's gaming interface.So,it is not possible to play this game on a low end PC.You may run this game on your PC having low end processor,but with irritating lag.I know as a gamer,getting killed will not irritate a gamer,but lag does.So,to overcome this lag,one's PC must have a great processor as they play high graphic Battlefield 4.Lag is not a good sign for any computer.Lag comes when your processor is at it's maximum processing or usage.This makes your processor to get damaged in a less period of time.However,if you have a good graphic card,you can play these type of games without any lag and without any sound effects.So,before going to the processors which run battlefield 4 on maxout settings,let us have a look at the minimum and recommended PC requirements of BattleField 4

BattleField Minimum and Recommended PC Requirements

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
Intel Quad core or Better
Graphic Card/Video Card
512 Mb And Radeon HD 7870
3 Gb Amd Radeon HD 7870
4 GB
8 GB
Free Disk Space
30 GB
30 GB

BattleField 4 Screenshots

Why is a Processor necessary for Gaming ?

*Playing games that are high in graphics without a good processor and graphic card will damage your Pc within no time.I used to have a AMD sempron processor and no graphic card and i have played games like GTA 4.They irritated me with lag but i did not care about the consequences.But,within no time,i came to know that my processor is no longer working.Due to heat,my processor hanged up and that made me buy a new Processor and a graphic card.Now,i don't face any problems like Lag,Processor getting over heated etc.Hence,a good processor is necessary for every Gaming PC.

*Also,if you want to play games simultaneously by listening to songs (or) if you want to perform multi tasks,then a high end processor is compulsory.

* If you don't want to use the Pc for gaming,then any Low end processor can also give you a good performance.So,before buying,you have to choose a right scenario of usage.

Best Processors for BattleField 4 under 200$

Under 200$ ,there are very less number of processors to play Battlefield 4 without lag.However,i still managed to get some of the processors here for you.So,have a look at them now.

In Intel under 200$

In Intel,after having a good research about processors,their speed and price,i have found a best Intel graphic card for bf4 under 200$.It is Intel i5-4430 which is released in third quarter of 2013.It is a quad-core processor with clock speed of 3 Ghz

FPS Benchmark test:

After doing a benchmark test,this processor with a graphic card(which meets recommended requirement of Battlefield 4) has given a minimum FPS of 40 frames per second.

Minimum FPS: 40

Maximum FPS: 65

In AMD under 200$

AMD is one of the biggest computer hardware manufacturing company along with Intel. AMD released new processors regularly.After doing enough research,i have found AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 as the best choice for Battlefield 4.You can run bf4 with maxout ultra settings using this processor.

Benchmark Test:

Minimum FPS: 35

Maximum FPS: 62

Best BF4 Processor between 200$-300$

This range of budget is suitable to play all latest games including Battlefield 4 with high settings.There are some good number of processors in this range out of which,i have selected one from AMD and one from Intel.Since,you don't have enough time or apparatus to check the benchmark test of those processors,i have also given the benchmark test details below.

In Intel Between 200$-300$

In this range,i had no other choice except i5-2500K.Yes,without much research,many people prefer and suggest this processor like me.It is a fantastic quad-core processor with a speed of 3.3 GHz.Although,this has been released in 2011,many people prefer it still now.Benchmark test results are given below.

Benchmark Test Results:(BattleField 4)

Minimum FPS:50

Maximum FPS:70

In AMD between 200$-300$

AMD has wide range of processors which made me search for a best processor for a longer period of time.After the research,i have found FX-9370 as the best choice.It is available in amazon for just $229.99 and it is a octa-core processor with a clock speed of 4.4 Ghz.Have a look at the benchmark test below.

Minimum FPS: 45

Maximum FPS: 70

Best Processor for Battlefield 4 Above 300$

This is the best range for any game to play with ultra settings.Battlefield is no exception for this.You can find hundreds of processors in this range in both AMD and Intel.But still,you may not find best processor to buy.So,i'm here to help you out.You don't need to search in the internet again as i had already had a good research in the internet market.

Intel Core i7-3960X

A processor high above the recommended range of battlefield 4.This processor can run BF4 on ultra settings simply.Yes,simply.It is a 6-core processor with a speed of 3.3 GHz and max turbo frequency of 3.9 GHz.After having a benchmark test,i was shocked to see the results.

Minimum FPS:110

Maximum FPS:130

This result might also made you shock.But,it's true.Although,you may not need this processor for playing BF4.But,this may be useful to play upcoming PC games like GTA V,watch dogs etc.


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    • profile image

      PeteBeMe 3 years ago

      I use a core i5 4690 with a r9 290. Runs BF4 very well with tweaked settings (target of high fps for 144hz monitor at 1080p). When I run battlescreen on second monitor it maxes out the i5 and droppeds a lot of frames. Have loaded mantle API, dropped resolution on second (battlescreen) monitor to minimum and use mozilla browser which is better but still drops frames often but I find tolerable at the moment but I would have spent the extra money on an i7 if I knew.

      Core i5 is fine to play bf4 but if you want battlescreen it uses a lot of cpu then you want to pay the extra for the i7. I will probably upgrade to a i7 a bit later.

      I use my old 1280x1024 monitor at 1024x768 resolution for the battlescreen. Battlescreen gives a full screen map of the battlefield instead of just using the minimap on the bottom. Massive help in playing the game.

    • goodnews11 profile image

      OSBERT JOEL C 3 years ago from CHENNAI

      Battlefield is one of my favorite games. This hub is very useful for all those who love Battlefield.