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Best DSLR Camera Bag 2014

Updated on December 2, 2013

There are a lot of camera bags on the market. I picked some of the more popular ones and shortly reviewed them in best DSLR camera bag.

When buying a camera bag it doesn't pay to be cheap. The bag needs to protect your expensive equipment, so skimping will just end up costing you more.

Just because camera bags need to be functional, that doesn't mean that they should not also be stylish and comfortable.

Best selling DSLR camera  bag
Best selling DSLR camera bag


The Crumpler bag comes in different sizes from the small 2 million dollar to the large 8 million dollar bags.

The Crumpler million dollar bags do not publicize the fact that you are carrying expensive camera equipment. This makes it less likely that thieves may target you.

The Crumplers, not only provides an extremely good level of protection for your camera equipment, which is an absolute must, but also several dividers to carry various items and accessories, if needed. These dividers are very substantial allowing the bag to keep its original shape, regardless of how you distribute your equipment.

It possesses both a carrying handle and shoulder strap. All in all the Crumpler bags deliver everything most photographers need from a camera bag.

Tenba 638-238 Large Messenger

The Tenba 638-238 large messenger bag certainly looks like one of the sleekest products around. This bag can be converted from a camera to an all purpose bag.

Unlike some products, it does have an extremely robust Velcro flap to enable excellent quick closure of the bag.

The feature, I think, that is the most important is the anti-theft internal protection it has. It would be extremely difficult for anyone to try to steal the contents from the bag, without being noticed. So you could certainly travel quite confidently.

Another key feature is the very comfortable shoulder strap even with a heavy load. Definitely makes this bag very competitive.

National Geographic NG W2025 Walkabout Medium Holster Bag

The National Geographic Walkabout bag is ideal for a photographer on the move! It is certainly designed and made from durable, waterproof protective material giving good protection of all your camera equipment, wherever you are.

No plastic closures are used on this bag, only brass and aluminium, which are more durable options.

The NG W2025 has ample pockets for accessories. One of the top of the range bags, it certainly justifies the price.

When you purchase the Walkabout, a donation is made to support and conserve the environment on behalf of National Geographic Conservation.

Cool DSLR camera bag
Cool DSLR camera bag

Tamrac 3536 Express 6 Camera Bag (Khaki)

The Tamrac 3536 Express camera bag is suitable for a smaller camera and it's accessories.

The most significant feature is the overall appearance of the bag. Whereas some camera bags tend to look bulky, the Tamrac bag does not protrude and this enables carrying it to be easier and more comfortable for the user. The over-the-head shoulder strap also adds to the overall comfort.

Although a bit restrictive on space compared to some, it is still be a very good bag if you do not intend to carry too much camera equipment.

Caselogic SLRC-201 SLR Zoom Holster

The Caselogic Zoom Holster can accommodate the larger SLR cameras very adequately, with room to spare. The Holster enables easy access to your equipment as it possesses a particularly large opening. A nice feature if you need to take a picture quickly.

One of the most noticeable features on the Holster is the waterproof base. It is designed to stand up on its own and this gives added protection for any camera or equipment being transported.

There is certainly no shortage of compartments which are adequate for any necessary accessories.

Canon 2400 SLR Gadget Bag for EOS SLR Cameras

The Canon 2400 SLR Gadget Bag is aimed at the person wanting to carry the equivalent of 1 SLR camera plus a few accessories. It has several pockets with adjustable dividers, this is of great benefit for meeting specific needs. A well designed product which even includes a facility to carry a tripod.

An adjustable shoulder strap makes it convenient to use. Made from water repellent tough nylon fabric makes it an extremely hard-wearing, lightweight bag.

Very reasonably priced for the quality and type of bag.

Acme Made The Bowler, Stylish Handbag

The Acme-Bowler-Stylish-Camera-Handbag has a very appealing image and an exciting alternative to some of the more obvious looking camera bags. It looks very chic.

Although it is designed to carry a DSLR or SLR camera, this really depends on the model you hav,e as it is not too spacious.

Certainly an ideal gift for any woman as it posses a stylish look which will complement any outfit.

Top rated DSLR camera bag
Top rated DSLR camera bag

Jill-e 769411 Camera Leather Bag Medium

The Jill-e camera bags are very high end bags, suitable for transporting cameras over longer distances.

I like the versatile bag's urbine style.

A very practical bag which has numerous padded pockets to incorporate any other accompanying items, professional or personal as needed. The dual handles are used to carry it like a handbag.

Hopefully one of the stylish camera bags in best DSLR camera bag was the right one for you. You might also enjoy reading best digital camera under 400 dollars and best digital SLR camera 2011.


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