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Best Designer New iPad Cases

Updated on May 15, 2013

There are plenty of good iPad and other tablet cases available to protect the iPad from bumps and scraps that come with regular use. Most will fit any Apple iPad tablet, from the first generation to the 4. And although they may be highly rated and top sellers, they do lack some style and splash. Most are black and boring, at best they may be red or another solid color. Your iPad doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s’. These designer new iPad cases will jazz up your iPad and protect it.

Swarovski Crystal iPad Cases

Swarovski crystal certainly adds some bling to your iPad. And there are a number of choices for a Swarovski crystal iPad case in any price range. You can get a Hello Kitty or flower design that covers the back of your iPad entirely in sparkling crystals. But if $300 is not in your budget, then you can get designs with just a hint of sparkle for under $50. Of course if you splurge on a $300 iPad case loaded with crystals, you may need a cover to protect your cover.

Wood Tablet Cases

Wood tablet cases give your iPad a professional yet interesting style. Bamboo, cork, and teak are just some of the woods commonly used for covers. Some only cover the back and edges while other wood cases, such as the Apple iPad Notebook Cork Foldable Smart case, have a cover that folds over the front and can double as a stand, a feature many find essential, but these come with more style.

Z Spoke Patent Leather iPad Case

These are shiny black or red patent leather sleeves that you slip your iPad into when not in use. They are fashionable, classy, and eye catching. Just large enough to snuggly hold your iPad, they are small enough you can slip them into a larger tote when on the go. The red tassel with gold chain completes the style of this case.

iPad or Tablet Purse

Another classy tablet case, these have the look of a sleek purse, just large enough for your iPad. These purses are designed with tablets in mind. They will usually have a pocket or sleeve inside to fit the tablet snugly. And they come in small to large sizes to carry your other essential items.

iPad Sleeves

These protective sleeves are simple, often handmade, envelopes that protect your iPad when you are not using it. These are best for taking it with in your larger purse to prevent scratches from rubbing on against in your purse and tote. Some are simple cloth sleeves, while others, such as those by designer Anuschka have elaborate artistic designs.

NavJack Glass Fiber Hard Shell Cases

These cases are made from glass fibers, which create a brilliant shine. They are thin and lightweight that fit the iPad like a protective skin. They come in silver, gold, and bronze, all of which sparkle. Although they look smooth and sleek, they do have texture to prevent slipping when held. The inside has a soft material for extra protection.


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