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Best Digital Waterproof Camera 2016

Updated on February 19, 2016

In Best Digital Waterproof Camera 2016 we will review 3 waterproof cameras each of which is the best in it's price range.

As all photographers know, if you get a little water in your camera it's likely to break. The waterproof cameras we review here don't just shrug off a little water, you can use them to take crystal clear underwater pictures.

With it’s enhanced features; take professional looking photos with a touch of class. From swimming to pool parties, waterproof digital cameras produce crisp, clear, and sharp images. Many digital cameras are equipped with high storage and instant transfer capacities. With so many great brands on the market, it can be hard to select the proper camera. The ideal camera is one that will meet all your needs and aquatic endeavors. The following reviews offer product insight and consumer perceptions, which will allow you to make a viable choice. If you are looking for the best waterproof digital camera this year, please read on.

Canon - Best waterproof camera 2016
Canon - Best waterproof camera 2016

Canon PowerShot D10 12.1 MP

Canon has created a nice little camera here. The Power Shot D10 is designed with several waterproof features. Available at an affordable price, the camera is great for taking family and vacation pictures. From the pool to your favorite water park, snap high quality photos with every click. The digital camera also includes a SMART auto mode. This detects the proper scenery for each photo. The Digic 4 processor prevents image blurriness and optimizes image stabilization. I am extremely impressed with this product’s capabilities. With user-friendly components, the camera is lightweight and very portable. The continuous shooting option is my favorite feature. This is a fascinating multi-purpose camera and makes a great gift!

I used the power shot camera on a recent camping trip. I can tell you it works really well and produces quality photos. This is a superb digital camera, with great waterproof features. It enhances scenic backgrounds, while allowing you to focus on the foreground. I even took a few under water photos, and was simply amazed. It is very steady and durable. I love the way it focuses on the object, while eliminating blurriness and increasing detail. You can carry this camera to your next pool or beach party. Take amazing photos of friends and family with ease. The most professional feature is the multiple shooting tools. This enables you to capture virtually any type of motion. This waterproof digital camera is really worth every penny. Pick one up today!

Best cheap waterproof camera 2016
Best cheap waterproof camera 2016

Fujifilm FinePix

The Fujifilm FinePix camera is very easy to use. With user-friendly features, the buttons are highly visible and ready to press. I received this great waterproof digital camera as a gift. I can honestly say that this camera is fantastic and very dependable. It is so lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to carry around and transport. The video and audio capture tools are awesome. With crisp audio and video, you can snap photos and take movies easily. I especially like the low KB pixel settings, which make sending e-mail attachments a breeze. The photo resolution is good, with high quality images and details. LCD display works nice, coinciding with a vast array of menu choices. It has great battery life and is compatible with SD cards. This is the perfect utility camera and I highly recommend it!

Fuji is a brand that speaks volumes. It has consistently produced excellent cameras and photo services. I love the Fine Pix camera for a number of reasons. While other cameras have small buttons, these buttons are large and can easily be seen. It is lightweight, easy to carry around, and can fit almost anywhere. The dual capturing options are first class. From snapping photos to taking videos, you are guaranteed clear imagery and fascinating details. The battery will last you a long time, and the memory options are perfect. I strongly recommend this fine camera to all my friends and colleagues.

Cool waterproof digital camera 2016
Cool waterproof digital camera 2016

Olympus Stylus 550WP

The Olympus Stylus Waterproof camera is simply great. With its slick black design, it’s perfect for pool parties or going to the beach. The digital camera produced top-notch photos with amazing color. I love the strong pixels and details with each shot. The camera is fairly priced, and is equipped with several features. These features include face detection, zoom control, 10-mega-pixel resolution, and so much more. It is lightweight and works great with SD memory cards. If you want a small but dependable camera, this is the one for you.

I love the memory options this camera offers. I recently took some dazzling photos near the lake. This camera is completely waterproof, and works likes a charm. It is small, yet works just as good as any large commercial digital camera. The pixels are amazing, delivering high quality images and photographs. I received this camera pretty quick, and the price was just right. The color output will surely stun you! This is a great product from Olympus here folks.

We hope these consumer reviews were informative and useful. If you are looking to purchase the best waterproof digital camera in 2016, you simply cannot go wrong with these great products.

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Take crystal clear underwater pictures
Take crystal clear underwater pictures


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    • lelaiskandar profile image

      Iskandar Suhaimi 6 years ago from Malaysia


      Newer cameras (as of 2011) have dual latch to stop this from happening.

    • profile image

      Hanno 6 years ago

      I am on the market for a waterproof camera after my 3rd (third!!!!) Canon D10 just flooded. Stay well clear; which is a shame really as the picture quality was pretty decent.

      As for Canon's response: nada.

    • profile image

      Paul 7 years ago

      My favor waterproof camera is PowerShot D10. Its features look like general point-and-shoot camera.