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The Best And The Most Reliable Freeware Antivirus

Updated on September 1, 2012

Today your PC is under constant attack from viruses, spyware, identity theft, etc. How to protect your information? What is the most reliable product? How to choose the best and not to over pay for it?

We will try to give the answer to those important questions. As we know, the number of different antivirus software increased on the market lately and these programs were developed to help us, users, to detect and remove computer viruses and other virus-related software from our computers. Many programs now include real-time antivirus protection and further spyware protection.

Speaking about the best freeware antivirus products we can mention here: AVG, Avira AntiVir, Avast, Panda Cloud, etc. They all are very useful and reliable products on the market in the present.

Avast Free Antivirus

It's unbelievable how good is this antivirus being a free edition. Free Avast can keep up without any problem with the most powerful security applications. Besides, there are many commercial applications on the market that do not offer what Avast does, so why to spend a lot of money on some products that are not worth it.

The interface is very nice, airy, everything is very clear, you know for sure, green = good, yellow = red = attention. Its Status Bar's always tells us what is the situation, so if one real-time shield is stopped, it let us know so we can take action immediately.

One of the best virus and malware protection programs today. It proves that you don’t have to pay to get the best anti virus protection.

Avast 2012, (Avast 7), offers several new features that benefit your security (one of them is updates in real time).

Panda Cloud Anti-virus

Cloud applications are applications that consume very few resources on the computer where it is installed, most of the resources being consumed on application servers.
Cloud applications have appeared since the '90s, but only in the business environment. After 2001 they appeared in home-users. Most popular Cloud applications are online email clients (Yahoo Mail, Gmail, etc.), photo sharing, online editors, scan engines from online antivirus (BitDefender Online Scanner, etc.) and many others.

Cloud Panda Antivirus is basically a client antivirus is a virus around the word power, it uses internet connection to access servers and to perform various operations (scan). Antivirus is not doing any updates on our computer. Everything it needs it finds on a server.
Panda Cloud is free a anti-virus reliable software. It works fast using a minimum computer resource. Its interface is user friendly and provides all the basic details. This works with other anti-virus software as well for that reason you may not need to uninstall your present anti-virus guard as a result you can try them both in your PC. The threat detection is amazing. Though it lacks some features such as E-mail scanning, Anti-Phishing and ID Threat Removal, etc which are a characteristic feature in other free virus software. Therefore it is better to use another Spyware Removal Tool along with this product.

To download go to the official website or

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Install and Scan

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Probably it is the best malware software. Can be installed very easy and run in safe mode. It has a user-friendly interface. Good thing about this product is that is actually does delete and find almost all kinds of malware others can't find. It is easy to use.Works well with AVG and Avast.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware can be downloaded on

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ gives you the advantage to protect yourself online against Internet threats. The main characteristics of Ad-Aware Free Antivirus + are: real-time anti-malware protection, rootkit protection, advanced Genocode detection technology, a scheduler.

Dr.Web CureIt

Dr.Web CureIt is a quick and efficient antivirus and anti spyware scanner. It is a free and also simple solution to use Dr. Web CureIt, because it does not require installation, it runs directly, and can be downloaded on a USB stick and used on another computer.
Lately the number of infected computers has increased considerably; many of them caught a virus with real time protection, with all this misery that occurrs, in this case, our solution is Dr. Web CureIt.
You shouldn’t uninstall your antivirus program, but it is only recommended to disable it while scanning with Dr. Web CureIt. You should also stop all the activities during the scan.
It is highly recommended: Dr.Web CureIt - Best Trojan and Virus Remover Free Utility.

Kaspersky File Scanner

In case you came across a suspicious file on your computer, or have doubts about the program you downloaded from the Internet, you can always check the files using the free Kaspersky File Scanner. Just upload the suspicious files from your computer to a dedicated server and Kaspersky Lab will check them for viruses, Trojans, spyware or other malicious code.

Also, on you will find free and very useful virus removal tools developed by Kaspersky Lab for fighting some of the more popular viruses.

ThreatFire's ActiveDefense

The development of the Internet is becoming faster each passing day. We visit dozens or hundreds of sites daily, go to many places that can be infected, many colleagues who talk on messenger may receive infected files, etc. In most cases, your antivirus software will not be able to catch the latest malware that just came out today, for the reason that it simply does not know how to detect it yet.

ThreatFire's ActiveDefense is a security solution, but not a usual one; it can not replace antivirus software, and comes only to improve its activity.

It is a smart tool that stops the attacks and has proven to provide up to 243% more protection when combined with traditional AntiVirus products.

I personally use Avast, ThreatFire, Dr.Web CureIt, Malwarebytes’Anti-Malware,

Kaspersky File Scanner, Kaspersky Online Scanner (it is not available at the moment but will be very soon). They all complete each other perfectly.

Check also The Best And Most Essential Freeware To Get Your New PC Going.

ThreatFire Prevention Test/Review


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    • nikipa profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Jason Mashak, thank you so much for the visit and nice update to my hub!

      I will take into consideration what you have mentioned here and will do some updates in the hub!

      Thank you again!


    • profile image

      Jason Mashak 

      6 years ago

      Thanks for including avast! We are always honored to make the "Best Antivirus" lists. One small thing... you mention avast! 5 and I would like to point out that avast! 6 has been out since February 2011 - and avast! 7 is coming soon. ;)

      Thanks again,

      Jason Mashak

      AVAST Software


    • nikipa profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Thank You Ivan! Great to know it helps readers somehow.

    • opensourcevarsity profile image

      Ivan Bayross 

      7 years ago from Mumbai / India

      Hi Nikipa,

      Read this hub today. Really well researched and written.

      Thank you for the information.


      Ivan Bayross

    • nikipa profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Hey Ben, great to see you here! :) Hope all is well with you and yours! Thanks for stopping by and for kind words!


      Nikipa :)

    • Ben Zoltak profile image

      Ben Zoltak 

      7 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      Very cool Nikipa, I use Malwarebytes and it works well as far as I can tell! Thanks for the heads up on the others as well.



    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I've downloaded Panda Cloud and it seems to be a very good antivirus, thanks.

    • profile image

      Linda E 

      8 years ago

      Panda Cloud is the best free av i´ve never used. Free and really easy use. I recommend ;)

    • nikipa profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Hi D.A.L!

      Thank you for your nice comment and compliment! :)

      It was nice to see you here!


    • D.A.L. profile image


      8 years ago from Lancashire north west England

      Hi nikipa {love that name} Useful and informative hub . I have down loaded Panda Cloud and have been really pleased with the result. I have been using it for three months now and have had no reason at all to complain. Thank you .

    • nikipa profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Thank You Subhrajyoti! Nice to see you here!

    • subhrajyoti profile image


      8 years ago from Kolkata

      really great article.... solid videos ....

    • nikipa profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Eastern Europe

      You are welcome! I am glad I was able to help!

      Nbbatt, thank you for appreciating my work!

    • profile image 

      8 years ago from bear, de, 19701

      Thanks, you helped me.

    • nikipa profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Linuxaria, Thank you for stopping by and appreciating my work.

      Dear Peter Dickinson, Thanks for the great comment!

      I would recommend the following combination:

      1.To install ThreatFire, Online Armor Free, or PcTools Firewall Pro (I have installed the first).

      2. Dr.Web CureIt is not an antivirus but you can use it as an alternative in removing and blocking all types of spyware and viruses on your computer. You can scan with it regularly (1/2 times per month).

      3.To which I add Malwarebytes'Anti-Malware free version for occasional scans.

      Dr.Web CureIt and Malwarebytes'Anti-Malware really helped me 6 months ago when my PC was very serious infected and all people I asked for help suggested me to reinstall Windows. But using them I managed to save my PC without any formatting of Windows.

    • Peter Dickinson profile image

      Peter Dickinson 

      8 years ago from South East Asia

      A very useful hub. Thank you. I use AVG and previously had a spyware killer running alongside. For two years there was no problems. Use was automatic and I regularily updated. Then the system crashed and I had to take the compuer in, only to be told there were multiple infections. I am back to AVG but worried all the time. What would you suggest I run alongside it?

    • Linuxaria profile image


      8 years ago from Italy

      Nice hub, thanks for the info


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