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Best Gaming Headset 2016

Updated on November 8, 2015

We have picked some of the best new headsets to look at in best gaming headset 2016. Our picks are based both on positive user feedback as well as good professional reviews.

If you look below you will see that I have divided my recommendations into gaming headsets for PCs or Macs and those for video game consoles. Some of these sets will work on both platforms, but it's better to get a set which was specifically made for your platform. I have also included a wireless set in each group.

Logitech G35 7.1-Channel Surround Sound Headset

The Logitech G35 7.1 Channel Surround Sound Headset offers a very clear sound experience whether you are gaming, watching movies or listening to music. You never miss a beat as the Dolby 7.1 surround allowing you hear every explosion, every click every snap giving you that extra edge over your gaming opponents.

The noise canceling microphone completely greatly reduces background noise. The G-Keys on the left ear piece makes it so easy to control the volume or mute the microphone, which can also be done by rotating it. The keys are programmable to control the volume, bass treble and morphing (which is very effective on games like World or Warcraft).

While the G35 maybe heavier than similar products, it's comfortable interchangeable padding makes it worthwhile for the gamer who spends endless hours using this headset. The length of the USB is fairly generous and makes moving around easy. The G35 is a convenient piece of equipment that any die hard gamer will appreciate.

Best wireless gaming headset 2016
Best wireless gaming headset 2016

Ear Force X41

The Ear Force X41 provides smooth clear audio transmission. The X41 enhanced Double Digital surround sound with its wide effect gives a first-rate experience to your DVD movies and XBOX 360 games. The sound effect due to the Bass Boost takes your gaming experience to a whole different level. The RF signal transmitted via headset does not need to be in the line of sight to transmit. You also have the option of adding a pair of wired head phones with the same audio quality.

The Chat Boost on the Ear Force eliminates the annoyance of not being able to hear another player by automatically adjusting the chat level on it's own. The X41 is equipped with battery booster which extends it's battery life for up to twenty-five hours. It conveniently uses both AAA Alkaline and rechargeable batteries. The Ear Force X41 is a welcomed accessory to any serious XBOX 360 gamer.

Ear Force X11

The Ear Force X11 is popular among PC and XBOX gamers because of its ability to block out distractions and offers crystal clear connections with high quality stereo sound.

The X11 headset gives you the ability to mute or adjust the volume on the microphone, giving you a chance to stay focused on the game. The large cushioned ear cups offer a soft but snug fit. The X11 offers the convenience of a 16 foot cord which hooks into a USB port giving you accessibility and eliminating the need for power supply or battery.

The cord conveniently works with combined HDMI and VGA connections. The flexible microphone allows you to set your own placement and give you chance to hear what you’re saying. This headset definitely scores bonus points for any serious PC or XBOX gamer.

Cheap gaming headset 2016
Cheap gaming headset 2016

Logitech Gaming Headset

The Logitech Gaming Headset G330 offers high sound quality and an impressive connectivity. The noise canceling microphone cuts down on background noise and is flexible. The G330 offers crystal clear sound while using for VOIP calls (Skype). While it may be uncomfortable to some, if you are looking to buy a behind the ear headset this may be your best bet as the silicone lined headband helps to relieve the pressure.

The headset can be adjusted to give you that personalized fit allowing its pivoting ear pads to fit snuggly into each ear. You also have the option of connectors to fit a USB or 2.5 mm port. The control box which can be easily clipped to your clothing allows you to adjust or mute microphone’s volume. The G330 fears well as a gaming headset and is a definite must have for VOIP calls.

While not the best headset on the market this is great value for money. So if you want quality but don't want to pay for the very top end products get the G330.

Best cross platform gaming headset
Best cross platform gaming headset

Sharkoon X-Tatic

Sharkoon X-Tatic comes with all the equipment any XBOX 360 or PlayStation 3 needed to experience high quality 5.1 surround sound. It gives a clear directional sound distinction, making you alert as your opponent approaches from any direction.

It comforts the gamer with its padded earpieces and cushioned headband during extended use. The multifunctional Sound Control Unit controls incoming sound signals and is used to connect other devices for use like your; XBOX or PlayStation systems, in addition to PC and DVD player. It also gives you the ability to use two headsets at the same time.

The microphone has a switch to turn off or adjust voice volume and is easily detached when it is not being used. While the multiple wires may be minor inconvenience, it is easily overlook when you factor in the multiple systems the X-Tatic is capable of operating. The X Tatic is heavy artillery for combined gaming systems.

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    • melodyandes profile image

      melodyandes 6 years ago

      Very nice list headset, I have one but it is already sound off, I want to buy with good quality, Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      Good selection of headsets. Please, next time, SPLIT the XBox 360 and PS3 categories. There's no point in showing XBox 360 headsets (TB X11s) in a list where headsets showcased should work with both platforms. This list is useless to me, as the headsets I like on this list are too expensive. Where are the Turtle Beach DPX21s or Tritton AX 720s?