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Best Gaming Monitor 2016

Updated on November 23, 2015

In best gaming monitor 2016 we will look at 3 gaming monitors. One top end 3D capable one, a normal high end gaming monitor and then something a little bit more affordable.

The main difference between a normal monitor and a gaming monitor is the response time. Displaying changes in the game, on the screen more quickly improves the experience and gives you an advantage. The monitor response time needs to be 2 ms.

You should also not consider a monitor that's too large. You will have to sit far back to use it if you do.

Best gaming monitor of 2016
Best gaming monitor of 2016

ASUS VG236H 23-Inch 120 Hz 3D Ready Panel Monitor with nVidia 3D Vision Kit

This 23 inch monitor comes with 3D can be used for a number of things. It is ideal for a general screen, for your DVD player, games console or connected to your PC. It comes with all the necessary 3D equipment in one package. The ASUS VG236H is one of the first with this particular 3D technology.

It comes with a good quality, crisp picture which helps bring games alive. The colors stay strong on the screen and do not distort to any extent that hampers your gaming experience.

It is heavier than other monitors of this size at 15.4 pounds but it is not bulky in size. The VG236H is stable on its base. However it does not take up much room and fits in easily in most places.

The ASUS VG236H is a sturdy monitor which looks quite good with very good image quality. The only real potential problem is that the drivers are a little tricky to install at times. However it is worth it, in the end.

LG W2486L 24-Inch Widescreen 1080p LED Monitor

The LG has amazing picture quality with a high resolution and color definition. The monitor overall is well presented and I feel has a slick, modern design. It has a matt screen that can help to reduce glare, which is a good addition.

As with other monitors of this type you do get the best picture quality looking straight into it. If you do move to the side then the colors can move and the picture is not as good. A lot of LED monitors have problems with the dark colors or the white being poor, but I find there is no such problem here.

The backlight is not too dominating and you will hardly notice it.

For sound it can put out good quality, if you have the speakers connected to the audio jack.

Weight wise it is just over 10 pounds, so although it is not the lightest out there it is still not too heavy. The base helps make it quite stable and the overall size means it is not too big, but also not too small.

The LG W2486L responds quickly for a smooth continual picture whilst gaming.

You might only find a problem in that it does not tilt too far, but you can handle that for the overall quality. Some might have the odd problem with the drivers but is easily fixed and is not too much of a hassle.

Overall I would say that this is an ideal monitor for those into gaming, without really breaking the bank.

LG top gaming monitor 2016
LG top gaming monitor 2016
Best selling monitor 2016
Best selling monitor 2016

ASUS MS238H - 23-Inch Wide LED Monitor

One thing I like about the sales pitch of this monitor is its low power requirements. They say it is 40% more efficient than others in the range, so it ticks the green box. The monitor itself is straight forward to set up and should not pose many problems.

It is extremely lightweight, which makes a difference for moving it around. It is easy to connect your games console or desktop to it and basically plugs and plays. The picture is full on HD giving you a bright, sharp gaming experience. A possible problem some might have with the screen is it could be a bit too bright, but this is easily rectified.

It does not come with external speakers but it is easy to plug your own in through the audio jack. You can then position them to get the best sound possible for yourself. For gamers I would say ASUS MS238H delivers a positive all-round experience.

You might have a problem in assembling the stand and be careful about moving it too much as it could become top heavy and fall. You are limited to changing the angle only slightly, but position it right and this will not be a problem.

The ASUS MS238H has fancy touch controls which are easy to use and is a feature you might not expect on a monitor at this end of the market.

Price wise it is well worth it as it is not expensive and you are getting a top quality picture.

I hope you found best gaming monitor 2016 useful. You might also enjoy best gaming video card 2016 and best gaming PC 2016.


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      8 years ago

      Great Hub! I have the asus vw246h 24 inch lcd monitor and I think that Asus makes a great monitor for the price.

      Very nice review of these great monitors, thanks for the information.


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