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Best Google Search Tips and Tricks

Updated on July 8, 2013

How to Search on Google

It is well known to the most of the people of the world what Google is. Google search is such a popular way to find out information from the vast sea of data called the internet that it has become part of our life. It is so popular that a new English verb has coined, "to google". Yes, there are other such search engines too but none is close to Google for popularity.

Google search is done by computer algorithms and that is why it is very difficult for Google to understand what are you actually looking for. It is more difficult for the computers to detect and show case the most relevant web pages on search results. That is why you may not got the exact search results. To get what you actually want you may have to type different keywords again and again. It is time consuming and frustrating.

To avoid it and to find out what you are searching you need have to learn some tips of using Google. Here I am going to give you a list of a few tricks and tips to search properly in Google. There are some Google search commands which can be used effectively.

Before going further you need have to have some basic concepts about how Google works. What is the mechanism behind this search engine’s functions? Well, Google searches for keywords in web pages and tries to figure out the webpages with most relevant keyword terms, content and displays the result accordingly. Google has no human intelligence. It only depends on its digital brain which is not always correct. To filter out your search results you may follow the following Google search tips and tricks.

Google Search Operators and Commands

Long tail Keywords

Do not hesitate to use long keywords to get the perfect search result. If you want to know the latest price of iPhone with contact in UK you should use , "latest iphone price in uk with contract”. Such long and targeted keywords will narrow your search.

Use of “AND” operator

If you join multiple keywords with “AND” then Google will not look for each keywords separately. It will treat this combination as a single keyword unit. So, if you search for “best and android and mobile and 2013” the search engine will not search for “best”, ”android”, ”mobile” and “2013” . It will show only the pages containing this combined keywords.

Use of “OR” operator

“OR” operator does just the opposite. It will generate multiple keywords combinations . “BEST OR TOP ANDROID OR IPHONE APP” will do the searching for ” BEST ANDROID APP “, ” TOP ANDROID APP”, “BEST IPHONE APP” and “TOP IHONE APP”. I think it is clear to you now.

Use of “AND NOT”

Use “AND NOT” Google search Command to filter the results. If you simply search for “apple” you shall get results about apple the fruit and apple iPhone. If you want to search only for apple then use ” APPLE AND NOT iPHONE “. Now iPhones will be discarded from the search engine result page (SERP).

Using double quotes “”

Double quotes (“ ”) are used for phrase searching. If we search “MONEY MAKING MACHINE” Google will treat all three keywords (MONEY,MAKING and MACHINE) as a single phrase and search pages containing that phrase ignoring others like MONEY, MONEY MACHINE OR MAKING etc.

Title search

The term “title” before your query shall show the titles of the article having those keywords.

Using ‘+’ and ‘-‘

These two operators, + and – are used as “AND” and “AND NOT” equivalents. The search term “best and android and 2013” can be spelled as “best + android + 2013”. This one “apple and not iphone” can be written as “apple -iphone”.

Stock Searches

Do you need to know the latest price of a particular companies stock. You need to use the term listed for the company on stock market (i.e., ticker). As for example, type "APPL" for getting stock information about Apple Inc.'s latest stock price with time graph.

Use of ‘*’ operator

Asterisk ( * ) operator is used to include alternate spellings and other keyword combinations in a search. If you search for ” color* ” you shall get “color scheme”,” color code”, “color magazine” etc different keyword combinations in the SERP.

Site search

Using this Google Search trick one can search within a site. The format is “ site: Site_Name + keywords “. Example of this type of search is “site: + pinappu”.

Link Search

If you want to know the external links of a web page just used “links:” before the site name. This Google search tips one good example is “ links:”. You can see all the external links of

Use all the above mentioned Google search tricks to narrow your results to find out the right piece of information.


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Some Funny Google Search Tricks

There are many funny Google search commands. Using this you can have some funny effects like:

Tilt: Type "tilt" in the search bar and do a Google search and you shall see a slightly titled Google page. It is indeed very funny.

Barrel Roll: Just type "do a barrel roll" and see what happens!

Anagram: Type "anagram" on the search bar and find out what Google say in "Did you mean...".


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      Most useful hub! I have learned more today! Thanks! Voted up, useful and interesting.

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      Your hub is great @alisha4u

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      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Wow, quite a lot of syntax here that I didn't know about such as AND NOT. Voting this Up and Useful.

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      alisha4u 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Great to know more about Google..

      You may want to consider reading this one about Long-Tail key phrases:

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      RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks for posting concise details of tips and tricks for searching Google!